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Courses for IMGs

The following courses are available to International Medical Graduates.

Yorkshire and Humber offer a suite of courses as part of the Supported Return to Training Programme (SuppoRTT), some of which are also useful for IMGs in supporting your integration into the NHS workforce and UK Healthcare System. Where one of the courses form part of the SuppoRTT programme, it has been identified within the course details below. You can attend any of these courses within the first six months of working within the NHS.  

All courses can be booked via the Professional Support Maxcourse booking site, unless otherwise stated. To be able to book a course on Maxcourse, you will need to create an account. You must ensure that your occupation is set to ‘International Medical Graduate’ to be eligible to book onto any of the courses listed below.  

Once you have created your account, you will be able to find the upcoming sessions for your chosen course/s by searching the below course title/s in the Maxcourse search bar.

Please note: if you wish to attend any of these courses and they will conflict with your rota, you must apply for study leave well in advance of the course.

Supporting International Medical Graduates in the NHS

International Medical Graduates (IMGs) make a significant and valuable contribution to the NHS. More than a third of the NHS medical workforce have had their primary medical qualification overseas. In 2021 the total number of licensed IMGs in the medical workforce was over 77 000, with IMGs making up 34% of GP Postgraduate Doctors in Training (PGDiTs). The following is extracted from Welcoming and valuing international medical graduates: A guide to induction for IMGs recruited to the NHS:

"41.9% of the NHS medical workforce are from an ethnic minority background. There is substantial evidence showing that ethnic minority staff are likely to experience racism and discrimination and may have poorer experience and progression opportunities, and that ‘the extent to which an organisation values its minority staff is a good barometer of how well patients are likely to feel cared for".

This day long course aims to address the specific issues that affect IMGs. These include team and workplace integration, confidence and anxiety of working in a new/unfamiliar environment, awareness of their own communication needs, learning about differential attainment and how to access support. There will be a discussion on self-care, resilience and thriving in the workplace.

How Different Cultures Affect Communication - Building More Effective Relationships with your Patients.

This interactive workshop supports IMG’s and concentrates on understanding the British culture and the challenges faced by doctors starting their career. The focus is on building effective relationships with patients. The doctor will learn tips and techniques to successfully navigate a time pressured consultation with confidence.


How Different Cultures Affect Communication - Building More Effective Relationships with your Colleagues.

This workshop is designed to create a safe space for IMG’s to develop their understanding and confidence in working within the British culture. To explore important communication skills that will give them the tools to build effective and productive working relationships.

Building Personal and Professional Wellbeing

This course is designed to support you to increase your resilience and improve your communication skills. This course is offered via the SuppoRTT programme.

Managing Challenging Conversations

This course aims to add to your communication skill set in order to feel confident at managing challenging conversations including giving and receiving feedback. 

Human Factors and Communication

This is a one-day course using a blended approach of e-Learning presentations and simulation-based education provided within a safe learning environment. The main themes of the day are: breaking significant news using actors as simulated patient relatives, dealing with conflict and a video-assisted exercise to explore and discuss the importance of human factors within the healthcare setting. This course is offered via the SuppoRTT programme.

Managing Stress and Improving Self-Care

This workshop will provide you with time and space to reflect on recent challenges whilst providing you with a better understanding of the effects of health, illness, stress and fatigue on work. You will learn to manage your energy, rather than your time, and to explore work-life balance. This course is offered via the SuppoRTT programme.

Interpersonal Skills Workshop

This interpersonal skills workshop has been designed to make the participants aware of different styles of communication. It will address verbal, nonverbal and paraverbal communication and how all three need to work together and complement each other to produce effortless, confident and effective clinical communication. This course is offered via the SuppoRTT programme.

Tiny Habits® for Doctors

In this workshop you will find out how to implement the Tiny Habits® method: creating effective and successful new habits by understanding how to manage emotions and change behaviours. This course is offered via the SuppoRTT programme.

Building a More SuppoRTTive Culture

This e-learning module explores the significance of organisational culture in creating an NHS that is safe for the patients it serves, and in which its staff can thrive. The course highlights the fundamental role of every single person within the healthcare system in building a positive, supportive culture, and offer guidance on the measures that individuals can take to bring about positive cultural change.

Please note: this e-learning module is accessible via the weblink above, rather than through Maxcourse.