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Online Resources

This page provides a wealth of helpful and supportive resources that we have collated, which you may find beneficial when planning your time out of training, or preparing for your return. 

Resources for all trainees

Support for Doctors

The Academy of Medical Royal College's Support for Doctors webpage acts as a signposting service and includes useful links to resources for doctors who are experiencing difficulties.


The Doctors' Support Network

The Doctors' Support Network is a free, confidential  peer support network that supports you with improving your wellbeing by safely connecting with other medics that have similar  concerns.



Quesmed is a free learning resource to help you return to training. Collaborating with NHS England, they have developed a question-based resource to help you review key concepts and scenarios you may face when managing patients on the frontline. To access Quesmed you will need to create an account on their platform.


The Royal Medical Benevolent Fund

The Royal Medical Benevolent Fund offers financial assistance to doctors in times of need. They also offer financial advice and telephone befreinding to those who are feeling isolated and require support. 


Feeling Lost: You are not alone

Consultants and Trainees share their stories of challenges in their training - some personal, some professional - hopeful messages and advice on how to seek support.

Whilst this has been developed by Paediatrics, there are lots of general themes that would be relevant to all specialities.


Virtual Reality Team Working

This virtual reality (VR) resource was developed by the SuppoRTT team in NHS England for doctors returning to training. Covering the topic of teamworking, three resources have been created to support training doctors specialising in medicine, surgery and paediatrics.

In each VR scenario, learners will experience a busy ward with a team of colleagues and have opportunities to practice communication and leadership skills in a safe, virtual environment.

For links to access, and guidance on using the resources, download the user guide


Remote Consulting

This is an online e-learning and immersive 360° video resource based around a remote consultation. It was originally developed with shielding/displaced trainees in mind, however, this is a useful resource for anyone consulting remotely. It addresses key skills including communication, using the multidisciplinary team, clinical management and safeguarding, as well as offering the opportunity to 'step inside' the consultation from the patient's perspective! 


Escalating Concerns and Speaking Up

This virtual reality (VR) resource was developed by the SuppoRTT team in NHS England for doctors returning to training, which uses a clinical scenario to explore the topic of Escalating Concerns and Speaking Up, skills that are increasingly recognised as contributing to the quality and safety of care for patients. Learners will explore techniques and develop skills in a safe, virtual environment.

You can register on the Learning Hub, or login with your existing account details to access the resource.

The resource can be accessed on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The VR video is compatible with VR headsets, including cardboard headsets in combination with a smartphone, and also VR viewers.


E-Learning for Healthcare 

The NHS E-learning for Healthcare platform has a range of online modules which can assist with you developing/refreshing clinical competencies and professional behaviours.



FutureNHS is an onlin e space for communities of practice and collaboration to share educational resources and experiences. Communities are created as 'Workspaces', with over 270 workspaces that you can join. They range from a Primary Care Networks and Practice Support Hub to an Integrated Care Learning Network, to a sharing platform for Patient Safety. Trainees taking a period of time out may find these workspaces beneficial to keep up to date with their clinical knowledge and developments in practice. To access the system, you will need to register with an NHS email address. Once registered, log on to the site and click on 'My Workspaces' then 'Find a Workspace' to browse the communities available.

Speciality Specific Resources 

Webinars for Returning Paediatrics 

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has published a range of webinars that Paediatric trainees may find beneficial in preparing for their return to clinical duties and increasing their clinical confidence.  


Educational Videos for Returning Paediatric Trainees

"EVRT" (Educational Videos for Returning Trainees) is a SCH junior doctor-led video project funded by NHSE and supported by GGME, designed to aid junior doctors returning to front-line Paediatric work at Sheffield Children's Hospital from time out of training.

EVRT: Cardiac Arrest









EVRT: Supraventricular Tachychardia (SVT)









EVRT: Burns and Toxic Shock Syndrome









EVRT: Seizure Requiring Buccal Midazolam










Educational Resources for Anaesthetists

The Royal College of Anaesthetists has a range of e-learning materials, podcasts and webinar recordings that can support you in refreshing your clinical knowledge.


Educational Resources for Emergency Medicine Trainees

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine has an online platform that provides a range of articles, case studies and podcasts relating to all aspects of emergency medicine, which you may find helpful for familiarisation and refreshing clinical knolwedge prior to your return. 


Educational Resources for GPs

The Royal College of General Practitioners has a range of evidence-based educational materials that can support you with keeping up to date with your clinical knowledge.


Life in the Fast Lane

Life in the Fast Lane provide an ECG Library and Critical Care Compendium, which are free educational resources covering topics relevant to Emergency Medicine and Critical Care.


Back in Orbit

The School of Ophthalmology recognises that specific challenges faced by Trainees when returning to work after time out (e.g., for parental leave, sick leave, career break or OOP). Guided by the findings of a regional survey in 2020 of current and former trainees who have experience of this, they have developed a toolkit of resources for educational supervisors, college tutors and returning Doctors to aid re-integration into training following time away.