Supported Return to Training


Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT) is a centrally funded Health Education England (HEE) programme which aims to support ALL trainees to safely and confidently return to training after a sustained period of absence.


SuppoRTT Newsletter

Updated monthly with new courses, resources and contacts


SuppoRTT Programme Overview- What is it & what does it include?

The programme applies to ALL trainees who are absent for a period of three months or more, regardless of the reason. Those who are absent for a shorter period may also access support.   

As returning trainees are a diverse group, SuppoRTT aims to provide a bespoke, individualised package for each retuning trainee, rather than a single ‘one size fits all’ approach. The SuppoRTT programme consists of;

  • A structured and systematic process for planning absence, maintaining contact whilst out and planning for your return
  • A menu of supported Return To Training Activities (RTT-A) that can be built into an individulised return-to-training package
  • Funding to support CPD activities and a Supernumerary period dependent on the trainees individual needs

We understand that returning to training after a period of absence can impact your clinical skills and confidence, however, you are not on your own! HEE and your School are here to support and guide you through this process. You just need to ask.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact the SuppoRTT team, via email at

Please find the HEE Naitonal SuppRTT RSM Evaluation ( a 3 year Longditudial Evaluation), more  information can be found on the HEE National SuppoRTT website. 

Please find below 6 short videos which highlight various areas of the SuppoRTT programme







How To Prepare To Take Time Out And Return To Training

Topics include, a summary of SuppoRTT, details of the pre absence, pre return and return review meetings and examples of questions that may be discussed during the meetings. 

Opportunities Available To Support Your Return

Topics include, supernumerary and enhanced supervision periods, CPD opportunities and funding, mentorship, coaching and peer support.   

Returning To Work Less Than Full Time

Topics include, advantages and disadvantages of working LTFT, eligibility, models of flexible working, training issues, annual/ study leave and financial issues.    







Preparing For And Returning From Maternity Or Adoption Leave

Topics include pregnancy, maternity leave, adoption leave, paternity leave, shared parental leave, financial implications. KIT, SPliT and SSRT days, returning to work and childcare. 


Returning To Work After Health Issues

Topics include, occupational health support, GMC advice, CCT date and support services available 


Training Issues And Career Progression

Topics include ARCP, work placed based assessments and CCT date.  


Coronavirus (COVID 19) Support & Support for Shielding Trainees

We understand these are unprecedented times and supporting Trainees throughout COVID19 is a priority of HEE, therefore we have created a number of resources for you to access, These include; wellbeing, clinical,  webinars and much more.  


Links You May Find Useful During This Time

Updated Shielding Documents December 2020

Guidance on managing clinically displaced Trainees 

Guidance summary for clinically displaced Trainees

Yorkshire and Humber shielding process

Shielding Trainee Advisory Group Resources for Trainees 


  Discretionary Offer - outlining the principles underpinning HEE’s discretionary Supported Return to Training offer
SuppoRTT During Covid 19 making SuppoRTT available for shielding and after redeployment   National SuppoRTT Guide - Return to Training (COVID 19) 
*   *
National SuppoRTT Webpage  

Facebook Group – Covid Returning Doctors Support (3 membership Qs, these must be answered before access to the group is granted):

Facebook Group - Covid - Returning Doctors Support

Facebook Group – Covid Doctors Forum (UK):

*   *

COVID-19 patient being resuscitated safely- Immersive Simulation by the ICAST team,

Filmed at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust by Dr Malik and his team


Wellbeing Support for the Dental Team


COVID19 Webinars for Doctors and Dentists in training:

The next session is 2nd March 2021, 13:00

Click here for the agenda and how to submit your questions

Access link here

Click on the date to see the webinar slides
12 May 2020   19 May 2020
2 June 2020   7 July 2020
03 November 2020    


SuppoRTT for Doctors returning to work in the pandemic

Covid-19 Refresher Webinar

A knowledge refresher session for doctors who have been redeployed or are returning to work during the Covid-19 pandemic
Recording avaliable here 



SuppoRTT for Doctors returning to work in the pandemic - Webinars

These are a series of webinars; Knowledge refresher sessions for Doctors who are coming back from a break from clinical practice into an unprecedented and uncertain period of clinical work.

All sessions are recorded and available on the HEE website after approx 5 days (to allow editing) here. Also Available on YouTube, Here.


SuppoRTT Introduction to Mindfulness

FREE Mindfulness sessions
Guided Mindfulness by Dr Sanjay Suri and Dr Shub Suri, each session will run for approximately 2 - 3 hours.

Multiple Dates available please view the SuppoRTT Activities Tab for more information. A calendar is provided at the bottom of the tab. Details can also be found on the SuppoRTT Newsletter


PSU & SuppoRTT Podcasts now available

They cover a range of themes: wellbeing, return to training, redeployment, difficult communication, supervision etc. You can listen to all the episodes here

full listings also detailed on the National SuppoRTT webpage



interactive e-learning and immersive 360* video resource - remote consulting

This is an online e-learning and immersive 360* video resource based around a remote consultation. It was originally developed with shielding/displaced trainees in mind, however this will be a useful resource for anyone consulting remotely. It addresses key skills including communication, using the multidisciplinary team, clinical management and safeguarding, as well as offering the opportunity to 'step inside' the consultation from the patient's perspective! 

Please see the short promotional video, which gives a flavour of the resource.The full resource can be found here




Evaluation survey link:

This resource has been designed by trainees, for trainees. Please help us to shape this and future resources by filling in this 5-minute survey:




Wellbeing Resources

The SuppoRTT Team will continue to update all our resources as they are developed and provided to us.


HEE Supported Return to Training Intelligent Question bank - Powered by Ques

HEE Quesmed is a free learning resource to help you return to training. Collaborating with Health Education England, we have developed a question based resource to help you review key concepts and scenarios you may face when managing patients on the frontline.

 Key topics we cover include:

* Acutely unwell patients

* Assessment of medical and surgical patients

* Management of cardiac arrest and advanced life support

* Management of palliative patients and end of life care

* Prescribing

* Data interpretation

* Specialty based topics


My SuppoRTT

A database with over 300 national resources for supporting Doctors and Dentists returning to training including trainee stories, specialty specific resources, regional and local area resources amongst much more.  


Beyond Coaching - Free Resilience toolkit for NHS Employees and Key Workers


NHS Practitioner Website have gathered information and resources together to help you and signpost you to routes for support


NHS Employers have provided a comprehensive list of Free Wellbeing Apps available for NHS Staff. Please visit their website, here


Academy of Royal Medical Colleges provide tips, wellbeing resources, Psychological First Aid, supporting patients who are presenting with symptoms of psychological distress


BMA have a range of services and information to help support you, including their counselling service which is open 24/7 to all Doctors and medical students. It’s confidential and free of charge

Please visit their website, here


Unmind are offering free access to their mental wellbeing platform for NHS employees here


Outline of the framework for wellbeing during and after coronavirus (Sonya Wallbank), compassionate leadership (Michael West), Do's & don'ts for supporting frontline staff (Neil Greenberg).  Access here


 Headspace Plus App Free membership to for the NHS, up to 31st December. Sign up Here



MedLed  COVID, coping and Control 


MedLed Quick De-Stressing Techniques for Those Under Pressure




Guidance Documents & Forms

SuppoRTT Guidance Documents

SuppoRTT: Return To Training Guidance

SuppoRTT: CPD Funding Guidance

CPD Funding Request Form (Word Version)

HEE Non-Staff Claim Form (for CPD funding claims - Word Version)

Individualised Action Planner


SuppoRTT Meetings

Each SuppoRTT meeting has an electronic form to accompany it.

Please review the SuppoRTT guidance for details of each meeting and use the links below to access the electronic form.

 Meeting  Flow chart of responsibility  Preview Form Questions  Link to Electronic Meeting Form
 Pre-Abence Meeting  Flow Chart  Questions  Pre-Absence Meeting Form
 Initial Return Meeting  Flow Chart  Questions  Initial Return Meeting Form
 Review Meeting  Flow Chart  Questions

 Review Meeting Form


Please note, each form allows you to pause your submission and come back to it later by selecting the 'finish later' option at the bottom of each page. This enables the form to be reviewed or completed by various people such as the Trainee and Appropriate Supervisor*. Once you have selected 'finish later' you will be provided with a screen such as the one shown below. It will provide a unique link for you to access your form and an option to email the link to access later.

If you have any queries relating to the forms please do not hesitate to contact the SuppoRTT Team,  

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I inform if I have an extended period of unexpected leave or I am planning to take time out of my programme?

  • TPD: The TPD is responsible for coordinating your training programme and ensuring that trainees are placed in the right department at the right time with the right support.

    The details of your TPD can be found on this website under your School. Alternatively, please click here

  • Trust: As an employee you are contractually obliged to inform your employing trust if you are taking a leave of absence. Your employer is also responsible for your welfare and making sure that you are paid correctly.
  • Programme Support: HEE are your educational training provider and will need to maintain up to date records which have an impact on your ARCPs and CCT date.

    To find your programme support team contact details please click here.


Am I eligible for SuppoRTT?

SuppoRTT is available for all postgraduate trainees who have had a period of absence from training regardless of the reason, this may include;

  • Maternity leave /Shared Parental Leave,
  • Carers leave,
  • Sickness
  • Out of programme; Experience, Research, Training and Carer Break
  • Drs who have been accepted on a training programme but have differed the start of their training (must provide clear evidence of acceptance)
  • SAS/Trust grade Drs who have secured a training post (must provide clear evidence of acceptance)
  • Suspension; once your suspension has been completely lifted by the employer and GMC


What is the Return to Training Process?

The process for planning your absence and retuning to training is detailed within the Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT) guidance document. This guidance has been designed to be flexible and take into account the differing nature and length of absence, addressing your individual needs as you make the transition back into your training programme.

This process and guidance document has been ratified by the English Deans and SuppoRTT Assurance Board.   

Returning to full duties, including on-calls without a re-introduction period, could potentially have negative implications for your wellbeing and patient safety. It is ok to ask for help and support.


Do I need to read the Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT) Guidance?

Yes! you should ensure that you thoroughly read this guidance as it defines the recommended process for all stages of your absence and return. It also outlines what additional support that you may be entitled to. For example; for trainees who are absent for a period of six months or more they are eligible for a three-day supernumerary period upon their return.

Remember, this guidance has been put into place to support you, promote patient safety and quality of care.

If you are unsure who your Educational Supervisor will be on your return you can contact your Training Programme Director for further advice.


Who is responsible for communicating & arranging my Return To Training requirements?

Once your plan of return has been created and documented on the Initial Return Meeting form in collaboration with your TPD or relevant supervisor, the SuppoRTT administration team will forward a copy of your completed form highlighting all requests i.e. amended working pattern, the need for supernumerary etc. However, it will be the trainee and TPD/relevant supervisor’s responsibility to liaise with the relevant departments to ensure that all amendments are incorporated into the rota (if applicable) and that your plan of return is disseminated to all relevant parties.


Should I arrange a meeting with a SuppoRTT Associate Dean prior to my return?

For trainees who have been absent for more complex reasons you may request to have a 1:1 meeting with a SuppoRTT AD.

AD support can help with the following;

  • career planning
  • pastoral support
  • confidence issues

However, this should NOT delay or replace the trainee’s requirement to meet with their ES/TPD (or relevant supervisor) to plan their return.  

If you would like to arrange an appointment with a SuppoRTT AD, please contact the SuppoRTT Team,


Will HEE contact me while I am absent?

Yes, please expect to receive emails from the SuppoRTT team for the following;

  • Monthly Emails detailing all Return To Training Activities (RTT-A) that are taking place within the next three months
  • Invitations to RTT-A outside of the YH SuppoRTT programme i.e. specialty specific courses and conferences
  • Return To Training Notice at the following stages prior to your return; 3 months, 2months and 1 month.

The SuppoRTT team will also aim to contact you post your return requesting feedback regarding your experience.

Don’t forget, you can also contact the team at any stage if you need further information or support;


What if my plan of return includes an Occupational Health Report?

If Occupational Health stipulates that you need a phased return this will determine your working pattern for a period of time and will thus take precedence. However, the need for enhanced supervision may still be required. All enhanced supervision plans can run in parallel alongside your outlined working pattern.   


What are Return To Training Activities (RTT-A)?

Return To Training Activities can include;

Non-clinical activity days / workshops which are provided specifically by HEE that are designed to;

  • Build personal and professional well being
  • Facilitate access to coaches and mentors
  • Provide practical advice and sign posting
  • Provide information/support for trainees who want to work less than full time

Details for these are located under the RTT-A tab on this website. These events are FREE to attend some are CHILD friendly.

Clinical educational days and supported leaning activities that you access through either; YH SuppoRTT Programme, Trust, School or HEE. This can include;

  • Clinical training including simulation
  • Clinical shadowing days
  • Educational update days

There is no definitive list on what is or is not available to any specific trainee. If you find a course that would benefit your return to training that is external to the YH SuppoRTT porgramme you may be eligible to apply for funding.  

To find out more please refer to the Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT) CPD Funding guidance document.


Am I entitled to Keeping In Touch (KIT) Days?

If you have taken Maternity or Shared Parental Leave you may have access to up to 10 paid Keeping in Touch Days.

KIT days can be used to attend any RTT- A either within the YH SuppoRTT programme or externally ran courses, if your employer agrees.

To find out more, please contact your local HR Medical Staffing department who will be able to advise on you if you are eligible for KIT days.

Each Trust will have their own policies in relation to the number of KIT days that each trainee can access. HEE has no influence over your local Trusts policy in relation to KIT days.

Details for ALL trainees regarding pay should be discussed with your employer.

Please see attached here for KIT and SPLIT guidance


When will my next ARCP take place?

The Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) will take place every year for every trainee however, there are occasions where trainees may have more than one ARCP if they take a period of absence from their training programme. HEE recommends that the ARCP is arranged at the following periods; 

  • For parental leave and OOP a trainee should whenever possible have an ARCP prior to the start of this period of leave, or if this is not possible within 4 weeks of return. This will review the period from the last ARCP to the start of the OOP/parental leave.
  • For trainees who absent due to more complex reasons i.e. sick or carers leave, it is recommend that a date for the ARCP is discussed between the trainee and Training Programme Director at the initial return to training meeting. This will review the period from your last ARCP to the start of your leave.


What should I do if my supervisor isn’t supporting me?

If you are not getting the required support from your Educational Supervisor then we would recommend that you contact your Training Programme Director at your earliest opportunity in order to address your concerns. Alternatively, you can contact the SuppoRTT team for further support and guidance;

Return To Training Activities (RTT-A)

Return To Training Activities (RTT-A)

Virtual Activities

  Face to Face Activities
Practical Advice & Signposting   Building Personal & Professional Well-being   Managing challenging conversations   OOP Study Group   Clinical Skills & Simulation


Managing Imposter Syndrome: SuppoRTT workshop


Tiny Habits® for Doctors - How to make changes in your life that last forever


Paediatric SuppoRTT


Know Your Why SuppoRTT workshop


Interpersonal Skills Workshop by Cambridgeshire Elocution

  Human Factors and Communication  

Return To Acute Care Training (ReACT)


Return to Training in Obstetrics & Gynaecology

  Return to work: Personal Skills & Wellbeing webinar   PaRenTT Baby Preparation Course for Healthcare Professionals   Paediatric SuppoRTT Training Day  



How to stop Burn-out ruining your career


An Introduction to Mindfulness


  SuppoRTT Wellbeing      



SuppoRTT- Improve Self Care, Manage Stress & Enhance Resilience – Virtual Workshop   Wellbeing at work- Weekly Sessions for Staff   SuppoRTT Training the trainer session for Educational Supervisors        


The SuppoRTT Team organises and supports a variety of Return To Training Activities, as shown above, running both Virtually and Face to Face. Please find below key course information along with how to book.  You can also find a Calendar of all RTT-A in the next tab, If you'd like to view just the course running over the next three months, please view our SuppoRTT Newsletter


Virtual Courses

Paediatric SuppoRTT

Aim: To be aware of new ways of working in light of Covid and refresh key neonatal skills (DGH)

Objectives:To improve confidence with Don/Doff PPE, Resus of baby born to Covid+ mum. Management of collapse on postnatal ward, Transfer to Embrace, Handovers

Running virtually, 06 October 2021, 13:30-16:30

Target Audience: ST1-8 Paediatric Trainees of Yorkshire and Humber-returning to work

Course flyer available here

What Trainees have said about this course

'definitely keen for more sessions'

‘This is really needed by all trainees returning to work’

Register an interest by emailing: Leian Barlow – department for medical education, Barnsley Hospital

Contact: , ,  for further info



*NEW DATES* SuppoRTT: Tiny Habits® for Doctors - How to make changes in your life that last forever


Over 50,000 people worldwide have reported that Tiny Habits® has worked for them. In this workshop you’ll discover that BJ Fogg’s scientifically established system of behaviour change, as coached by Katherine, will help you build extraordinarily strong habits and achieve previously unattainable results. This workshop is for anybody wanting to build strong positive habits quickly and effectively in all areas of their lives.

When you learn Tiny Habits®, the groundbreaking behaviour change model pioneered by Stanford research scientist Dr BJ Fogg, your life will be changed forever.

In this workshop, led by Tiny Habits® Certified Coach Katherine Hickman you’ll find out how:

  • By implementing the Tiny Habits® method, you will see dramatic changes in your life.
  • Creating new habits is easy when you know how. In fact the easier you make them to do the more successful you’ll be and the quicker your new habits will form.
  • Emotions create habits.
  • Behaviour change is a skill you can learn quickly and you don’t have to rely on willpower or motivation.
  • You can build multiple new habits at the same time.
  • What you learn in the workshop, you can apply immediately.

Running Virtually, please select the link for further information and to book

Friday 10 September 2021, 10:00-13:00

Friday 05 November 2021, 10:00-13:00

Friday 04 February 2021, 10:00-13:00



*NEW* SuppoRTT: How to stop Burn-out ruining your career

An interactive half day teaching session about burnout in medical staff with the aim To learn more about doctor burnout and how to prevent it.


  • Explore doctor burnout, the risk factors and its signs and symptoms.
  • Look at preventative and management strategies for dealing with burnout in ourselves and out colleagues.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Spot the warning signs of burnout
  • Know where to get help for dealing with this issue
  • Develop a personal strategy to help them avoid burnout

Running Virtually, please select the link for further information and to book

Tuesday 21 September 2021, 09:30-12:30

Monday 17 Janaury 2022, 12:30-16:30

Monday 14 March 2022, 09:30-12:30



*NEW* SuppoRTT- Improve Self Care, Manage Stress & Enhance Resilience – Virtual Workshop

Join our experienced tutors who are practising NHS doctors and take time to consider your own needs as you return to work. We recognise from the GMC review (caring for doctors caring for patients) that there are considerable challenges faced by all doctors working within the NHS, with 1 in 3 doctors suffering work related stress and 1 in 4 trainees experiencing burnout.

Overview of the course Take proactive steps and become better equipped with effective self-care strategies to improve you own wellbeing and maintain high levels of resilience.

The workshop will focus on

  • Time and space to reflect on recent challenges
  • Better understand the effects of Health, Illness, Stress and Fatigue on Work
  • Learn to manage energy not your time
  • Explore work life balance and develop positive intelligence
  • Strategies for self-care and enhancing our resilience and that of others


Running Virtually, please select the link for further information and to book

30 September 2021, 09:20-15:30

21 October 2021, 09:20-15:30

03 December 2021, 09:20-15:30



Interpersonal Skills Workshop by Cambridgeshire Elocution

Good communication skills are important for several reasons but can often be a challenge in the high stress, time poor clinical environment.  As the NHS moves towards a more patient centred approach, it is vital that the medical professional understands how to build an open, trusting rapport with their patient through active listening, understanding and empathy.  Good communication skills have also been proven to increase the medical professionals job satisfaction, increase patient satisfaction and decrease the amount of complaints made against the doctor.

This interpersonal skills workshop has been designed to make the participants aware of the different styles of communication. We address verbal, nonverbal and paraverbal communication and how all three need to work together and complement each other to produce effortless, confident and effective clinical communication.

Learning Outcomes;

- Each delegate will be more aware of areas of communication he/she needs to work on.
- Through role play, each delegate will be able to practice alternative ways of communicating with their patient and colleagues.

- After the course each delegate will be able to process and respond more effectively to a patients non verbal body language.

- After the course each delegate will be aware of how words can be misunderstood, so will gain the ability to restructure a sentence or thought

- After the workshop each delegate will have access to a wider range of communication tools in order to get the most out of each individual patient and their circumstance.

- After the workshop each delegate will have an increased confidence in their ability to build a strong, open, trusting rapport with their patient.

A little about course provider Charlotte

Charlotte is a professionally trained actress, graduating from the Birmingham School of Speech and Drama in 2007. Since leaving drama school, Charlotte has had an extensive career as a presenter and voice over artist, completing projects for British Gas, BMW, Bidwell’s and Countryside properties to name a few.

During her professional career, Charlotte has adapted her training to create her own exercises and techniques. In 2013, she established her own business, Cambridgeshire Elocution, with the aim to share these techniques with people who have let fears and phobias stand in their way or effective communication.

Feedback from past workshops

‘Charlotte simply brilliant; highly professional and can easily identify the trainee weakest point and take the action immediately from there. Very helpful tips.

‘Very encouraging and clear to follow.’

‘Went very well, felt comfortable, took away from the stressful clinical worries. Helped to understand and handle difficult situations and conflicts with good communication skills.’

‘This is a session that exposes our weaknesses and provides skills to improve on those weaknesses.’


Available Dates;

Please view full course information and book your place via Medical Maxcourse using the links below.

13 August 2021, 10:00-15:00

05 November  2021, 10:00-15:00

03 December 2021, 10:00-15:00

14 January 2022, 10:00-15:00



SuppoRTT Wellbeing

Are you taking time out of training or have you recently returned?

Would you like to think more about your wellbeing?

Never quite sure which wellbeing session to go to?

Join Dr Jaimee Wylam (Public Health Registrar) and Dr Martin Billington (GP and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer) via Zoom to think more about your wellbeing alongside colleagues. Both Jaimee and Martin have experience of taking time away from the workplace and understand first-hand some of the challenges associate with changing roles and circumstances.

The course will be virtually delivered and interactive. You will hear personal experiences from Martin and Jaimee. You will be given the opportunity to reflect alone and in pairs or groups about topics related to wellbeing. You will create a menu of self-care which you can refer to following the session.

This course aims to:

  • Acknowledge the vulnerabilities and challenges we face as doctors
  • Provide a practical approach to support wellbeing
  • Explore support networks and systems

If you have any course related queries please contact,

Select for Course Flyer

This course runs over 2 half day sessions, both days must be attended to recieve a certifcate of attendance. We are unable to facilitate swaps between dates of seperate courses.

Available Dates;

Please view full course information and book your place via Medical Maxcourse using the links below.

09 & 16 August 2021, 13:30-14:30

08 & 15 November 2021, 09:30-12:30

07 & 14 February 2021, 09:30-12:30



Practical Advice & Signposting

This event is facilitated by SuppoRTT ADs, Dr Maya Naravi, Dr Fiona Bishop and SuppoRTT Co-ordinator May Teng who can provide you with the help and advice in the practicalities of returning to Training.. Each event includes different guest speakers who are happy to share their experience and knowledge to help make your return to training as easy as possible. These events are a brilliant opportunity to ask questions, meet with colleagues who are in a similar situation and begin to create your own individualised return to training plan.

Please note the event has been adapted during these unprecedented times, we have now adapted this session into a virtual webinar. Link to access this is available below

Link to the virtual recording can be found here

For any queries, please contact



*NEW DATES* SuppoRTT: Building Personal & Professional Well-being

Challenge of Change Training- Join Jo Clarke and discover how you can combat stress in work and home life, feel better, be more productive and conten

2 half day sessions- 09:00-12:30

This highly engaging and practical training will give you a clear understanding of what stress is really all about and the link between stress and poor health. You’ll learn:

  • A simple four-step strategy for enhancing your personal resilience
  • Improved communication skills
  • Strategies for relaxing both mind and body
  • Your route to enhanced well-being and better performance

Running over 2 half day sessions, 09:00-12:30. Delegates are required to attend both sessions.


Dates available are listed below, please select for more information and to book your place.

Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th September 2021, 09:30-12:30

Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th February 2022, 09:30-12:30

For any queries, please contact


 Managing Imposter Syndrome - for SuppoRTT

Imposter Syndrome or Phenomenon is defined as ‘a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evidence of success’. ‘Imposters’ suffer chronic self-doubt and are unable to internalise their accomplishments however successful they are in their field. This phenomenon is surprisingly common. It can get in the way of professional progress and job satisfaction.

Because it is so common, it can be helpful to discuss it in a group setting, explore what it is, how it affects you and what you can do about it. This one-day interactive workshop looks at what Imposter Syndrome is, how it gets in the way of our work, and then more importantly what tools are available to manage it. The day will include evidence-based solutions using ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) techniques. ACT has a huge body of evidence behind it and an impressive pedigree in providing practical tools that are easy to grasp and use.


Select the course date below to head to the booking system where you will find further course information and be able to book.

14 September 2021, 10:00-15:00

01 December 2021, 10:00-15:00




Managing challenging conversations

Do you ever find yourself having conversations about someone when you should be having them with them?  Have you ever spent more time in your head contemplating the conversation than actually having it?  Do you ever feel apprehensive knowing there is a challenging conversation on the horizon?

If so don’t worry.  These are normal human experiences and can simply act as prompts that we need to add to our com