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Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT)

The CCT (Certificate of Completion of Training) is awarded after successful completion of a specialty training programme, all of which has been prospectively approved by the GMC/GMC. Some trainees obtain dual-accreditation, for example, with the award of a CCT in General Medicine (GIM) as well as a CCT in another medical specialty.

Alternative training pathways, in non-approved posts, can also lead to the Specialist Register by the award of a CESR (Certificate confirming Eligibility for Specialist Registration), otherwise known as the 'Article 14 Route'.

Applying for CCT

It is each trainee’s responsibility to apply for their CCT from the JRCPTB. The Medicine team will not do this on your behalf.

To start the process, each trainee should email once they have received their ARCP outcome 6.

To speed up the process, the JRCPTB request that each trainee checks that all of their evidence and documentation has been completed and signed off and is made available on ePortfolio:

Must be signed by trainee and TPD.
Must list all requirements set out at the PYA

Training History
Ensure a recently completed CCT date calculator is available in the ePortfolio Personal Library.

Mandatory Documents for CCT

Trainees should refer to the relevant ARCP Decision Aid for their specialty on the JRCPTB website:

Examples of these mandatory items include valid ALS, BLS or PLS certificate; valid IRMER; certificate confirming achievement of any relevant external examination or diploma i.e. EEGC, FRCPath, Dip HIV Med.

If the certification has not been verified by a supervisor on the ‘Certificates and Exams’ tab, trainees ensure that clearly marked certificates are available in the ePortfolio Personal Library for checking.

CCT Date

The JRCPTB will recommend your award of CCT based on the date which appears on the final ARCP form(s).

If a trainee believes the date which appears on your final ARCP form(s) to be inaccurate, the TPD is required to add a comment to the final ARCP form to confirm the correct CCT date.

Period of Grace

Trainees are able to apply for Consultant posts up to six months before their anticipated CCT/CESR-CP date. Not all trainees are able to do this or are successful in their applications. The Period of Grace allows doctors who have completed their training to continue in the Specialty Registrar grade for a time limited period of time, whilst they find employment, usually in a consultant level post. The doctor is no longer considered to be in training, but is in post for the purposes of service. Once a trainee has accepted a Consultant post or Locum Consultant post, they must resign from their training programme with effect from either their CCT/CESR (CP) date or following the appropriate period of notice. In doing so the trainee’s National Training Number (NTN) is relinquished and the right to a Period of Grace is given up, there is no option to return to training after this.

Trainees are required to notify Health Education England within Yorkshire and the Humber of their intent to take up a Period of Grace a minimum of 6 months prior to the date of CCT/CESR(CP) using a Period of Grace Intent Form (Found in the policies section of this website).  Trainees should have discussions with their TPD prior to the mid point of their final training year to support their decision as to whether or not a Period of Grace will be required. If the Period of Grace Intent form is not submitted by the required deadline, the TPD will not arrange for a Period of Grace for the trainee. It is not always possible to guarantee the availability of a post for a trainee to complete a Period of Grace. All posts are subject to availability within the training programme.

Once a Period of Grace Intent Form has been received within the programme, the TPD will work to accommodate the requests within available posts. Trainees will receive the offer of a Period of Grace no later than 14 weeks prior to the date of CCT/CESR(CP). The trainee will have two weeks in which to accept or decline the post. If the post is accepted by the trainee, they will be expected to work from the expected CCT/CESR(CP) date to the end of the agreed timeframe, normally 6 months. If the trainee opts to leave the Period of Grace early, they will be expected to work the agreed normal notice period of three months from CCT/CESR(CP). If the post is declined, the trainee will relinquish their NTN at the expected CCT/CESR(CP) date and will give up the right to a Period of Grace.