Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)

The progress of each trainee is assessed at annual review - this responsibility being devolved to the Training Programme Director (TPD) and the Specialty Training Committee (STC) for each medical specialty. This usually occurs in May/June for most trainees, but with interim reviews in Core Medical Training (CMT).

Following regular appraisal with the trainee, the Educational Supervisor will provide a report that is submitted to the TPD, and is lodged in the e-portfolio. It will record the competences achieved, as described in the blueprint (ARCP Decision Aids) - these should be achieved incrementally during the attachment, not all at the last minute! The ARCP is a remote, electronic exercise for the majority of trainees, utilising the e-portfolio. However, a 10% sample of trainees, plus those where progression is uncertain, will be required to attend a formally-convened ARCP Panel - where the TPD is accompanied by external and lay representatives. The trainee only meets the panel after its deliberations are concluded, to receive the outcome.

There are several potential ARCP outcomes, but most trainees will progress satisfactorily and receive an ARCP1 outcome. Other outcomes exist for those deemed to require remedial training. If the report from the Educational Supervisor is not available on the due date, or the competences not recorded in the e-portfolio, the ARCP Panel has insufficient evidence and therefore cannot award an ARCP1 outcome. The responsibility for the provision of this evidence lies with the trainee!

For more details of the entire range of ARCP outcomes, and of the ARCP process, please refer to the Gold Guide.

Please see below for a list of provisional ARCP dates for the Medicine Specialities across Yorkshire and the Humber.

Acute Internal Medicine
23/01/2020 HEE, Willow Terrace, Leeds - Face to Face and PYA
21/05/2020 HEE, Willow Terrace, Leeds - Remote
30/06/2020 HEE, Willow Terrace, Leeds - Face to Face and PYA
22/06/2018 Leeds, Willow Terrace PYAs & Adverse Outcomes
Clinical Genetics
15/06/2018 Newcastle- Regional Panel
Clinical Neurophysiology
20/08/2018 Don Valley House, Sheffield
Clinical Oncology
26/05/2020 St James Hospital
02/06/2020 HEE, Willow Terrace Road, Leeds
17/06/2020  Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield


Core Medical Training



10/07/2018 DVH, Sheffield



07/02/2020 Chapel Allerton Hospital - West and East
06/03/2020 Chapel Allerton Hospital or HEE, Willow Terrace, Leeds - West and East
04/06/2020 Royal Hallamshire Hospital - South
31/07/2020 HEE, Willow Terrace, Leeds - West and East
14/08/2020 HEE, Willow Terrace, Leeds - West and East
03/12/2020 Royal Hallamshire Hospital - South


Diabetes and Endocrinology
17/07/2018 Leeds, Willow Terrace
19/07/2018 Leeds, Willow Terrace
23/08/2018 Leeds, Willow Terrace
Geriatric Medicine
04/02/2020 HEE, Don Valley House
15/05/2020 Remote Reviews - West
20/05/2020 Remote Reviews - West
20/05/2020  Remote Reviews - East
03/06/2020 Remote Reviews - South
19/06/2020 HEE,Leeds, Willow Terrace - ARCP/PYA - West
23/06/2020 HEE, Sheffield, Don Valley House - ARCP/PYA -South
Genito-Urinary Medicine
10/10/2018 Don Valley House, Sheffield
Palliative Medicine
Rehabilitation Medicine
Renal Medicine
Respiratory Medicine
12/10/2018 Sheffield, Don Valley House
28/05/2020 Royal Hallamshire Hospital - South
10/06/2020 Chapel Allerton Hospital - NEWY
18/06/2020 Royal Hallamshire Hospital - South
01/07/2020 HEE, Willow Terrace, Leeds - Regional
08/07/2020 Chapel Allerton Hospital - NEWY
Sports and Exercise Medicine
04/06/2020 HEE, Don Valley House, Sheffield - Remote
05/06/2020 HEE, Don Valley House, Sheffield - Remote
02/07/2020 HEE, Don Valley House, Sheffield - Face to Face and PYA
03/07/2020 HEE, Don Valley House, Sheffield - Face to Face and PYA


Between 02-10 January 2020 Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield  
22/01/2020 HEE, Willow Terrace, Leeds  
11/05/2020 HEE, Willow Terrace, Leeds  
Between 03-07 June 2020 Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield  
Medical Oncology
May 2020 Weston Park Hospital
26/06/2020 HEE, Don Valley House, Sheffield - Face to Face
01/05/2020 HEE, Don Valley House, Sheffield - Remote
12/06/2020 HEE, Willow Terrace, Leeds - Face to Face
Occupational Medicine
20/07/2018 2.14 Willow Terrace Leeds
Paediatric Cardiology
16/07/2018 Leeds, Willow Terrace