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ePortfolio FAQs

The JRCPTB also have a list of frequently asked questions, if your question is not detailed below. 

How do I register for ePortfolio/ I've not received an invite to register?

Everyone in a training programme must enrol with the JRCPTB. Access to ePortfolio will then be granted to trainees once enrollment is completed. If you have not recieved an invitation from the JRCPTB to register please follow the link below.



How do I add a post or a Supervisor to my post on ePortfolio?

For NES ePortfolio

The JRCPTB have created guidance on how to update your posts and Supervisors. 
If you are unable to find your Supervisor on ePortfolio, please contact with the name and email address of your Supervisor. It may be that they do not have an existing account. 

My programme needs extending as I have been on maternity leave/OOP. How do I do this?

For NES ePortfolio

You are not able to extend your training programme on ePortfolio, this can only be actioned by the JRCPTB ePortfolio Team.
They will require confirmation from HEE that your training programme has been extended. Therefore, please contact and ask if they can contact the JRCPTB on your behalf to extend your training programme. 


What is my GMC approved programme code?

To register for your ePortfolio you may be asked for your GMC approved programme code. This can be found on the GMC website here.