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Yorkshire and Humber

Trainee Representatives

The School is anxious to involve trainees in all areas of management, whatever their level of seniority. Ideally we seek representation from a wide range of specialties and the majority of training locations. Not only does this help to involve trainees and to improve the functions of the School, but it is also a useful experience for trainees in management and training which can strengthen their CVs. Every medical specialty has a training committee (STC), which is usually chaired by the Training Programme Director (TPD), and which meets regularly to agree all aspects of the management of training - all of the training locations are represented on the STC. At least one trainee representative (TR) is co-opted for each STC.

In addition, all of the TRs are invited to meet together with the Heads of School at regular intervals for the Trainee Forums. This provides an opportunity to express any concerns about training, whether site-specific or specialty related. View the names and contact details of these TRs. You should contact them directly to discuss any issues of concern.

The TRs are recruited by the identification of volunteers, however, as trainees regularly move on, opportunities soon arise for interested trainees. If you are interested in participating in this important role, then please contact your TPD.