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Although many questions can be answered by your Clinical or Educational Supervisors, Training Programme Directors or local hospital staff, sometimes you'll need further advise or help. The following may be helpful:

HEE's Medicine Inbox - - for general support, help with who to contact for specific questions and ePortfolio support.

Peter Hammond (Head of School of Medicine) - - for help with questions you're not getting answered elsewhere or to raise specific concerns.


Training Programme Directors - Contact Details
Acute Internal Medicine East  TPD  Angela Gruber 
  East Deputy TPD Sachin Thakur 
  West TPD  Sunil Kumar
  South TPD  Claire Gardner 
Cardiology East  TPD  Raj Chelliah
  East TPD Joseph John
  West  TPD Robert Sapsford  
  South TPD Ian Hall  
  East  Deputy TPD Abdul Hameed  
  South Deputy TPD Justin Lee
Clinical Genetics Pan Deanery TPD  Moira Blyth
Clinical Neurophysiology Pan Deanery TPD Alex Barker 
Clinical Oncology East & West TPD Katy Clarke
  South TPD Catherine Ferguson
Core Medical Training East  TPD Tun Aung
  West TPD Frank Phelan
  West TPD John Stoves
  South TPD Solomon Muzulu
  East TPD Colin Jones
  East Deputy TPD Simon Smale
  East Deputy TPD Olabambo Ogunbambi
  East Deputy TPD Mohamed Malik
  West Deputy TPD Safirul Haque
  West Deputy TPD Sadia Ismail 
  West Deputy TPD Rangaprasad Karadi 
  West Deputy TPD Tom Mwambingu 
  South Deputy TPD Shivani Dewan
  South Deputy TPD Rehka Ramanath  
  South Deputy TPD Viv Sakellariou
  South Deputy TPD Omar Pirzada
Dermatology West TPD Angana Mitra
  South TPD  Sarah Cockayne
Diabetes & Endocrinology East TPD Kamrudeen Mohammed 
  West TPD Robert Murray 
  South TPD Jennifer Walsh 
Gastroenterology East TPD Lynsey Corless
  West TPD Ganesh Sivaji
  South TPD John Hebden
General Internal Medicine East TPD Mo Aye 
  East TPD Sega Pathmanathan
  East & West TPD Satish Kallankara
  West TPD Joe Hogg
  South TPD Mohsen El Kossi
  South TPD Imran Aslam
Genitourinary Medicine East & West TPD Sarah Schoeman
  South TPD Gillian Dilke-Wing
Geriatrics East TPD Ricky Saharia
  West TPD Catherine Tandy
  West TPD Gillian Fox  
  South TPD Philippa May
  South TPD Heather Elphick
Haematology East & West TPD David Wright
  East  Deputy TPD Simone Green
  South TPD Eddie Hampton
Immunology Pan Deanery TPD  Anna Shrimpton
Infectious Diseases East & South TPD Anne Tunbridge
  West  TPD Hugh McGann  on sabbatical
  West  TPD Penny Lewthwaite
Medical Oncology East & West TPD Satinder Jagdev
  South TPD Suzanne Darby
Neurology East & West  TPD Marc Randall 
  South TPD Gary Dennis 
Occupational Health Pan Deanery TPD Shahed Khan
Paediatric Cardiology Pan Deanery TPD  Dominic Hares   
Palliative Medicine Pan Deanery TPD  Samuel Kyeremateng
  Pan Deanery Deputy TPD Anne-Marie Seymour
Rehabilitation Medicine Pan Deanery TPD  Matthew Smith
Renal Medicine East TPD Martin Chanayireh 
  West TPD Elizabeth Garthwaite 
  South TPD Veena Reddy
Respiratory  East TPD Jack Kastelik
  West  TPD Caroline Everett
  South TPD  Sally Davies
Rheumatology East & West TPD Shouvik Dass
  East & West TPD Cathy Lawson
  South TPD Lisa Dunkley
Sports & Exercise Pan Deanery TPD Jon Greenwell
Stroke Medicine Pan Deanery TPD Jon Cooper