With the upcoming changes to the E-Portfolio moving to the Kaizen platform, this page has useful links and resources to assist you with that transition.

A demonstration took place with RCEM (Powerpoint Slides) and you can watch the video here  Kaizen Demo Teams Recording



Every trainee’s data will begin migrating across to the new system at the end of July. The scale of this means that all data will not be transferred until mid-September. During this time Trainees will be able to use their new ePortfolio and if need be, can refer back to any information in the NES system in a read only capacity.



Please note, only trainees in need of an ARCP will be prioritised for migration to ensure their information can be viewed within the new system ahead of their ARCP date.

New ePortfolio – data migration

We have produced video for trainees explaining the migration of data from the current NES ePortfolio to the new Kaizen platform. The NES system closed on 31 July 2021 and all data will be transferred to the new system, without them having to action anything.

The video below addresses some frequently asked questions and provides information on the migration process:
Data Migration - August 2021 - YouTube

Enrolment of trainees

We’re currently refining our process for enrolling the new intake of trainees. We have received recruitment data from HEE and will be contacting trainees shortly with information on how to get access to the new ePortfolio.