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ARCP Paperwork

The ARCP decision aid for each specialty defines the targets that have to be achieved for a satisfactory ARCP outcome at the end of each training year. The version below has been updated further to discussion at the AIM SAC and replaces all previous documents from August 2017. 

PDF icon AIM ARCP Decision Aid (August 2017).pdf

Prior to your ARCP please complete the following checklist:

  1. Structured Educational Supervisor reports for both GIM and AIM.  This Guide explains what needs to be included in your GIM report.
  2. Copy of your most recent Audit (in personal library)
  3. Evidence of current ALS certificate (Ensure Covers  ARCP Date)
  4. MSF annually (Minimum of 12 raters including 3 consultants) and a self MSF
  5. Multiple Consultant Report (MCR) with at least one to be completed by a clinical supervisor
  6. WBA as per ARCP guide
  7. Evidence of progression in chosen skill/qualification (eg supervisor report, log books, DOPS)
  8. Evidence of attendance at Training days (eg AM, G(I)M, SAM UK, RCP) inc Deanery Training (core module , management etc)
  9. Evidence of Placement Feedback Questionnaire submission for each placement completed.
  10. Curriculum Headings signed off by trainee and supervisor
  11. Form R  (Form R Guidance)
  12. Patient numbers (logbook) for the year.  Please ensure the number of  acute, ambulatory and clinic patients are differentiated.   You can get your ES to sign an overview sheet rather than list individual cases.  Please ensure the numbers are recorded on a summary of training calculator, in a manner consistent with the 2009 GIM decision aid that will be used at ARCPs and PYAs. 
  13. The JRCTB calculator has been adapted to incluide ambulatory patients and is suggested. (Acute Med Calculator and Log)
  14. GIM / AIM ARCP Proforma
  15. Evidence of reflections completed throughout the year

PLEASE NOTE that this has to be provided in a timely manner and the ARCP panel can choose to discount any assessments done in the weeks prior to panel especially if it is indicative of trainee disorganisation.

In your penultimate year you will be called for your PYA.  More guidance about this will be sent during this period.  Please see the JRCTB Pages.