Certificate of Completion of Training.

toddler_with_dr.jpgYour CCT date is the expected date of CCT mentioned in your ARCP documentation. However, it is recognised that paediatric training is competency based and therefore it is possible to obtain an early CCT. Further guidance regarding the planning and process involved in preparing for and obtaining your CCT is provided within the documents section, including guidance regarding applying for early CCT. 

All Trainees within six months of their CCT date will be expected to apply for their CCT. At present an application form is obtained from RCPCH and submitted back to the College once completed. The College check this and then submit it to the GMC for final ratification. Most trainees find this form difficult to fill in as it requires you to provide the exact dates of your posts throughout your Paediatric training.

We would strongly suggest you fill in your CCT application form as you go along and keep your CV accurate and up to date. It is not certain how this is likely to change in the future. It is important that you have an ARCP (or RITA if applicable) for every year you have trained to prove that this was completed successfully. It is your responsibility to keep a record of your ARCPs and it is in your own interest that these documents are up to date as it prolongs your CCT application if documents are missing or incorrect.

The College Handbook detailing instructions on all aspects of Paediatric training can be found on the RCPCH website Paediatric Training Handbook 2003. For more details on medical training please refer to the Gold Guide.

Obtaining Approval by the Head of School

Once you have signed the application form and have obtained a signature by the Regional Advisor please contact Dr Karin Schwarz, Head of School of Paediatrics, to arrange for your application to be approved.

CCT Form

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health website provides all the information you will need for applying for your CCT.

We strongly recommend you look at this well before you are due to complete your training.