Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber (HEE YH) and the School of Paediatrics encourages and enables trainees to obtain their competencies in general paediatrics and in their chosen sub - speciality All applications for funding for courses as part of the STEPP curriculum or for travel to and from a STEPP day MUST be emailed to Vicky Williamson    Only one application per email please.

ALL OTHER COURSES (non STEPP related) These MUST be emailed to for authorisation.  Again only one application per email please.

For those of you who use the EASY eExpenses (these are trainees employed by Leeds or Sheffield Children's Hospital).  You will need to ensure you upload your claim form via the eExpenses system used at your employing trust.

Below are the forms you will need to apply/claim for funding. 

Study Leave Guidance

Study Leave Process

Study Leave Application Form      

Study Leave Claim Form only use this if you are NOT employed by Leeds or Sheffield Children's Hospital