ST2 & ST3 Specialty Posts.

Training Opportunities in Specialty Posts 

Every trainee is allocated to the East, West or South rotation, and most of your ST1 – 3 and ST4 and ST5 years will be completed within your allocated rotation.  However, there is opportunity for trainees to apply for ST2 and ST3 training posts across the Region.  Some specialty pan-regional posts are considered suitable for both ST2 and ST3 trainees, however some will remain for ST3 trainees only, these include Paediatric Intensive Care.

To ensure equality of access to specialist training opportunities, and fair distribution of trainees, you may be asked to work in a general paediatric post in a neighbouring area.  For example, a West trainee may be asked to complete a post in Harrogate or Barnsley or a South trainee to complete a post in Scunthorpe or Wakefield. If, because of your personal circumstances, you are unable to do this please let your locality Training Programme Director know with evidence for your reasons.

There are the following specialist paediatric training opportunities at ST2 and ST3:


Emergency Medicine Hull Royal Infirmary


Oncology/Respiratory Leeds General Infirmary
Hepatology/Renal Leeds General Infirmary
Cardiology/Neurology  Leeds General Infirmary
Hepatology/Renal/Cardiology Leeds General Infirmary
Oncology/Neurology Leeds General Infirmary
Neurology Leeds General Infirmary
Oncology   Leeds General Infirmary
Cardiology Leeds General Infirmary
Paediatric Surgery Leeds General Infirmary
PICU Leeds General Infirmary


Neurology/Neurodisability Sheffield Childrens Hospital
Emergency Medicine Sheffield Childrens Hospital
Paediatric Surgery Sheffield Childrens Hospital
Respiratory Sheffield Childrens Hospital
Oncology Sheffield Childrens Hospital
Infectious Diseases Sheffield Childrens Hospital
Gastroenterology Sheffield Childrens Hospital
Gastro/Respiratory/ID Sheffield Childrens Hospital
PICU Sheffield Children's Hospital


The posts will be allocated dependent upon your training needs and your training aspirations. If you consider that you require a further 6 months in a neonatal post to complete Level 1 competencies please indicate this. 

If you are requesting a post because of your career aspirations please explain this in no more than 300 words.  

If posts are oversubscribed, Training Programme Directors will look for evidence of interest and evidence of a trainee’s ability to make best use of educational opportunities including progression with MRCPCH examinations, trainee’s statements and quality of trainee’s ePortfolios.

Please ensure your exam status and e-portfolio is up to date.  If they are not up to date it may disadvantage you.


Enquiries to:

Training Programme Director, East Yorkshire

Dr Rana Alia​

Training Programme Director, West Yorkshire

Dr Venkat Thiyagesh 

Training Programme Director, South Yorkshire

Dr Alison Scott

Application Process:

Complete the rotation preference survey and submit a

300 word maximum statement to

explaining why you wish to be placed in this post.

Closing date: 22nd January 2021