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Acting Up

How do I apply for Acting Up?

All documents relating to Acting Up can be found on the Training Policies webpage.


How often will I have an ARCP?

Your ARCP will take place on an annual basis or at the end of an ST year. This may result in you having more than one ARCP per year. If you have been awarded an outcome 3 you will be reviewed at the end of the set training extension.

There are other occasions where you may have more than one ARCP in a year, for example, if you are going out of programme or starting maternity leave you will have an ARCP prior to the start of this or as soon as possible on your return. This will review the period from your last ARCP to the start of your OOP/paternity leave etc.

When will my ARCP take place?

Confirmed dates are listed on the ARCP page.

What do I need to prepare for my ARCP?

The ARCP panel will use the ARCP Review Tools found on the ARCP page to assess your progress so you should ensure you refer to this tool for guidance.

You need to complete a Form R Part B and return to the HEE YH Programme Support team.

Information about the General Paediatrics curriculum can also be found on the RCPCH website.

Who will be on the ARCP panel?

The ARCP panel will be chaired by a Training Programme Director; they will be joined by at least two Consultant Paediatricians. If you are expected to receive an ARCP outcome 3 or 4 the panel will be joined by an Associate Postgraduate Dean.

All Schools are required to have an external representative and a lay representative to cover 10% of the ARCPs within a 12 month period therefore you may find that one of both of these representatives are in attendance at your ARCP.

A member of the HEE YH Programme Support Team may also be in attendance at your ARCP to take notes.

Career Planning

Who should I speak to for career advice?

You should discuss your career aspirations and progress with your Educational Supervisor and Clinical Supervisor. Information on national speciality training posts can be found on the RCPCH website.

If you would like impartial careers advice, you can arrange to meet with one of the Associate Postgraduate Deans for an informal discussion. Please contact your Programme Support Team to arrange this.

Further careers tools can be found on Career Support page on the main LETB website. 


What is the process for applying for CCT?

This information can be found on the Assessment & Appraisal webpage

Educational and Clinical Supervision

I don’t have an Educational Supervisor

Educational Supervisors are allocated by the Training Programme Directors, please contact the relevant TPD for your area and ST level. This information can be found on the School Structure and contacts pages.

I don't have a Clinical Supervisor

Clinical Supervisors are allocated locally by the College Tutors, please contact them to discuss this. College Tutor contact details can be found on the contacts page.

I wish to change my Educational/Clinical Supervisor, what do I do?

Please discuss this with your Training Programme Director.

How do I update my supervisor details on ePortfolio?

Please email the required changes to

I am about to have an ARCP and my supervisor is away/sick so I cannot meet the requirements.

Please speak with your Training Programme Director as soon as possible so that a plan can be made.


I have an ePortfolio query, who do I direct this to?

Please email your query to

Further information about ePortfolio can be found on the RCPCH website.

Do we need to link everything on the eportfolio?

Yes, this enables you to track your progress and helps the ARCP panel review your ePortfolio. Guidance can be found on the RCPCH website.

Is there a list of assessments we need each year?

Yes, full information can be found on the ARCP review tools on the ARCP page and also on the RCPCH website.

Do I need to do any of the pilot assessments?

Yes, full information can be found on the ARCP review tools on the ARCP page and also on the RCPCH website.

What do the different ARCP outcomes mean?

The full list of ARCP outcomes can be found on the ARCP page.

Inter Deanery Transfer (transfer to another LETB)

The National Inter Deanery Transfer (IDT) process has been established to support trainees who have had an unforeseen and significant change in their personal circumstances since the commencement of their current training programme which requires a move to a different region. The process is managed by the National IDT team (Health Education South London) on behalf of the Conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans (COPMeD), Health Education England (HEE) and all UK regions.

In order to provide a consistent, transparent and robust process for all trainees, the National IDT team will make all decisions on eligibility and allocations in accordance with the published guidelines and criteria. You can read these guidelines and criteria as well as find out much more about the process by visiting the National IDT webpages, which have been migrated to a new home on HEE’s specialty training website here:

You can also contact the National IDT team directly with any queries you may have by emailing


Less Than Full Time Training

How do I apply for Less than Full Time (LTFT) Training?

This is fully supported across the deanery and is almost always accommodated as a job slot (two individuals combing to fill one post).

Applicants wishing to work less than full time need to apply as early as possible with HEE YH. See the policies section for more information.

As this is usually related to post-maternity leave returns this normally gives plenty of advanced warning to arrange appropriates job shares. With limited notice, there may be occasional delay in transition to less than full time training, whilst appropriate job shares are organised.

It is recommended that all potential LTFT trainees read the College guidance on flexible training RCPCH Flexible training.

Maternity Leave

Who do I need to inform, and when, that I am pregnant?

In the first instance you will need to inform your employer (Trust), they will arrange all the necessary paperwork. We ask that you also keep your TPD and Programme Support team informed so that they can ensure you are correctly removed/added to the rotation and that your ARCPs are conducted at the right time.

What will happen with my ARCP?

You should have an ARCP just before you go on maternity leave or as soon as possible on your return to work. This will cover the period from your last ARCP to the start of your maternity leave and the panel will look for a pro-rata number of assessments. A HEE YH non-assessment form will be completed to cover your period of maternity leave. An ARCP will not take place while you are on maternity leave.
Your next ARCP will take place at the end of your ST year/training extension or in twelve months - whichever comes first.

Where do I find out about maternity pay?

Your employer (Trust) will be able to help you with this

Out of Programme

How do I apply for Out of Programme (OOP)?

All documents relating to Out of Programme can be found on the Training Policies webpage.

When should I apply for OOP?

OOP applications must be submitted to Programme Support six months before the date you wish this to start. This gives the school time to manage your vacancy within the rotation to ensure each site has sufficient cover. You are encouraged to discuss your intensions with your TPD before applying for the experience/training/research opportunity to give them as much notice as possible, the formal application form for OOP would then be completed as soon as possible upon securing the role.

If you are applying for OOPT/OOPR and wish for some of the time to count towards your training, the Programme Support team are required to submit your application to the GMC for approval before the OOP starts. Applications cannot be retrospectively approved therefore late OOP applications can result in time not being counted.

We understand that in some cases unforeseen situations arise whereby trainees need to request a career break (OOPC) without being able to provide six months notice. As soon as you are aware that you require time away from programme for this reason, please discuss this with your TPD.

Where do I submit my application?

Completed applications should be submitted, with all supporting documentation, and your TPD's signature, to Jody Massey in the Programme Support Team.

Resigning from the Training Programme

How do I resign from the training programme?

You must resign to your employer. For East and West trainees your employer will be the Trust where you are currently working. If you are a South Yorkshire trainee, Sheffield Children's Hospital is your employer as the Trusts work on a lead employer arrangement in this area. If you are unsure, please look at the employer name on your payslip.

Please also ensure you send a copy of your resignation to your Training Programme Director and the Programme Support team at Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber.


When do the rotations occur?

The Yorkshire and the Humber School of Paediatrics rotates trainees on the first Wednesday of March and September every year.

How are training jobs allocated?

As part of the recruitment process, you will be allocated to one of the areas within Yorkshire and the Humber - North/East, South or West Yorkshire. You will be given the opportunity to preference and you will be allocated an area based on your recruitment scores. Once you have been given an area, the relevant TPD will allocate you to a placement based on several factors: your experience/requirements, other trainees' requirements and service needs. You are usually given the opportunity to preference your placement prior to each rotation.

How do I submit my rotation preferences?

A survey has been created to capture this information, full details can be found here

Will all of my placements be within the area I was appointed to (East, South or West Yorkshire)?

Most of your placements will be within the same area, however there will be times when you are required to work in a different part of the LETB. This may be to gain a specific experience or due to service needs.


What is the minimal attendance needed for the STEPP programme?

The School of Paediatrics expects trainees to attend all dates which are allocated to them, if you need to swap any dates please contact Vicky Williamson, STEPP coordinator based at Bradford Royal Infirmary for information or the STEPP website.   

What should I do if my rota coordinator is unable to allocate me a study day for the STEPP programme? 

Please speak to Vicky Williamson, STEPP coordinator, for information on any other dates available. If this is still an issue you need to contact your Clinical Supervisor or local Medical Education department for guidance. 

Who do I submit my study leave application to?

To apply for study leave for STEPP, you need to submit your application form to Dr Simon Frazer. Full details are available here on the School website.

Study Leave

How do I apply for Study Leave?

Guidance is available on the Study Leave/Curriculum Delivery webpage.

Training Programme Director

Who is my Training Programme Director?

TPD contact details and remits can be found on the School Structure page

Transfer within Yorkshire & the Humber

I would like to transfer across an area. For example from ‘West’ to ‘South.’ Is this possible? What do I need to do? How long will it take?

This is a similar, but less formal, version of the Inter Deanery Transfer process. You need to write to the Head of School clearly explaining the reason you wish to transfer to another area. If this is approved, the Head of School will write to both Training Programme Directors to arrange this. Transfers would normally be expected to occur in time with the February and August rotations. Trainees are asked to provide a minimum of six months notice.

Travel and Relocation Expenses

How do I claim travel or relocation expenses?

Expenses are reclaimed from your employing Trust as stated here on the main LETB website. Please speak with them directly for further information. 

Well-Being Resources

Resources for Training Support can be found here.

Well being resources for trainees are explained in the attached document below:

Well-being resources.pdf


Whether you are leaving the Training Programme to start a consultant post, another training programme or for personal reasons, you will need to submit a written resignation to your employer (Trust). Please include your Training Programme Director and a member of the Programme Support Team in this correspondence. 

You should liaise with your employer and Training Programme Director to agree a suitable last working day.

Your Training Programme Director and Programme Support Team will ensure you have a final ARCP covering up to the day you leave.

A leavers survey has been developed for Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber for all specialties to help to improve the training so please take the time to complete this. The survey is anonymous and should take no more than 10 minutes of your time.

Complete the survey