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Do I have to Sign Up as a Pre-Membership Psychiatric Trainee with the College?

Yes, this is essential as all workplace based assessments are done online and paper copies on their own will not be accepted.

Do I have to do My Portfolio Online?

As of August 2011, all new trainees must complete their portfolios online. Existing trainees who were in post before August 2011 can decide which they would like to do.

You can access the ePortfolio by clicking here.

What if I don't Pass Paper 1 by the End of CT2?

Your progress will be reviewed by an ARCP panel and a decision will be made about possible extension of training. You are likely to be invited to the Hull ARCP panel for a face to face discussion.

What if I don't Obtain Membership to the Royal College of Psychiatrists Before I Finish CT3?

At present it is not possible to apply for ST4 jobs without Royal College Membership. Usually an outcome 3 would be given at ARCP, indicating that further training is required. Training is usually extended for a year to allow trainees to pass the exam.

Is Psychotherapy Training Compulsory for Core Trainees?

Trainees are expected to complete Psychotherapy Training as per the Competency Based Curriculum for Specialist Core Training in Psychiatry

This is also reflected in the 2014 ARCP Guidance for Core Psychiatry Training.

If these are not obtained then the Trainee may fail to progress through to the next year.

What if there is no Provision for Psychotherapy Experiences in my Rotation?

Some rotations in the LETB are still in the process of setting up appropriate psychotherapy experiences for the trainees. The School and the Training Programme Directors will be aware of these areas. Still it is useful to raise this issue with your Educational Supervisor and/or College Tutor. It is also helpful if this issues is raised collectively by your local representative. You may wish to write a reflective note in your portfolio explaining why you have been unable to gain appropriate psychotherapy experience.

What if I am having Difficulty with the Consultant I Work for?

It’s very important that if you do experience difficulties you talk to someone about it. In South Yorkshire the Educational Supervisor would be the most appropriate person to contact first. In the other localities your College Tutor would be able to provide you with support. If you feel that your concerns have not been addressed, then you can contact your Training Programme Director and discuss your concerns.  

Is There Formal Guidance for ARCP?

ARCP Guidance for Core and Higher Psychiatry Training can be found in the Assessments section.