The Regulator (GMC).

The GMC (General Medical Council) is the independent statutory body, responsible for overseeing and promoting the development of postgraduate medical education and training for all specialties, including general practice, across the UK. 

The GMC's responsibilities include:

  • Establishing standards and requirements for postgraduate medical education and training
  • Making sure these standards and requirements are met
  • Developing and promoting postgraduate medical education and training across the country

The GMC have published a new framework for their work to improve quality in medical training Quality Improvement Framework (QIF).

LETB Visits

The GMC is responsible by law for the approval of postgraduate medical education and training in all medical specialties, including general practice. The GMC will quality assure postgraduate medical education and training in a number of ways but central to their quality assurance processes will be a LETB-wide, cross-speciality visits programme. 

Curricula Approvals

All Royal Colleges and Faculties must submit their Completion of Training (CCT) specialty curricula to be considered against GMC's Standards for Curricula. All information about the approval of Curricula, a summary of the curricula submitted and more is available on the GMC website. 

Amendment to the Generic Standards for Training - consenting

There has been a change to one of the requirements in the GMC's Generic standards for training. The amendment relates to trainees taking consent for procedures they do not perform, but which they understand and can explain to patients. 
Full details of the change, including an insert page for hard copies of the standards, can be found on the GMC website. 

GMC Visit - 2014

GMC Regional Review 2014

Why Yorkshire and the Humber?

In 2014 - 15, the GMC are reviewing the quality of medical education and training across Yorkshire and the Humber by visiting seven Trusts, all three medical schools and finally the LETB.

Yorkshire and the Humber as a region has been chosen for various reasons; previous visit findings, the time since the last visit and concerns about the quality of training that have been identified through enhanced monitoring and annual surveys. 

The GMC also published last year a five-year schedule of regional visits and will be visiting all regions over this period. 


What areas will the GMC be looking at?

The review is risk-based, meaning the visits to each organisation will focus on areas of risk, their identification and management of this and how good practice is identified and shared. 

What is happening and when?

2014 October GMC visiting LEPS
2014 November GMC visiting Medical Schools
2014 December GMC visiting LETB (2 day visit)
2015 March Final regional report published

For any further information on this visit please contact Laura Tattersall

GMC Visit - 2010
Quality Assurance of the Foundation Programme (QAFP) visit June 2010

In June 2010 the GMC visited the Yorkshire and the Humber Deanery and it's three Foundation Schools. A copy of the final report can be found on the GMC's website.

GMC Visit - 2009
GMC (Formerly PMETB) Deanery-wide Visit 10-12 March 2009

In March 2009 GMC visited the newly established Yorkshire and the Humber Deanery (formally the South Yorkshire and South Humber and the Yorkshire Deaneries).
As part of the process the GMC visiting panel reviewed the quality of training at the following sites: Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, Hull Royal Infirmary, Northern General Hospital and St James University and in the following specialties: Health Care of the Elderly, Core Medicine, General Internal Medicine and ENT. 

A copy of the final report and Deanery response can be found on the GMC website.