Leadership Fellow - Differential Attainment

Post reference: FLP 2023 / Bid 62

Host organisation: Health Education England

Post location: Based at nearest HEE office (Leeds, Sheffield or Hull)

Potential Applicants: 

  • Medical Specialty Trainees (ST3+)
  • Dental Specialty Trainees (StR)

Number of Posts: 1

Post start date: August 2023

This Leadership post will be based with the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion team at Health Education England (YH), supervised by a Deputy Dean.

The project will be to both introduce new strategies & evaluate and refine existing strategies to narrow the Differential Attainment gap between cohorts of trainees in Yorkshire & Humber. Differential Attainment (DA) is defined here as systematic differences in outcomes when grouping cohorts by protected characteristics. It is a gap observed amongst doctors in exam pass rates, that it is not based on a difference in ability. Narrowing the DA gap is both a local and national priority. The Leadership fellow will lead workstreams with the aim of identifying and sharing good practice with all health professionals, refining and augmenting existing strategies, developing new strategies to address DA and supporting their implementation. The fellow will have an opportunity to collaborate with medical trainees, particularly international medical graduates, other health professional learners and trainers, including those that plan training. They will collaborate with the Senior Educational team at HEE YH on the project and there will be opportunity to network nationally to share new strategies. They will have an opportunity to develop their knowledge and attend relevant courses to support areas of innovation. 

Interview date:  08/12/2022

Application contact: fiona.bishop@hee.nhs.uk


For application instructions and to download an Application Form, please see the vacancies section on the Future Leaders recruitment website.