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Anaphylaxis and allergic disease are increasingly being seen in both hospitals and primary care. This talk starts with a case-based discussion to illustrate the patient journey and covers key points in how to take a history. The aim of this twenty-minute talk is to help you become more confident in the diagnosis of allergic presentations, and also gives you some pointers on how to manage anaphylaxis, whether that might occur in your clinic or theatre, or at your friends' barbecue.

Learning Objectives

To be able to take an allergy history; awareness of common tests performed as part of an allergy review; knowledge of what happens in allergy clinics, and when to refer. How to recognise anaphylaxis in the acute situation. The treatment of anaphylaxis in the community and in hospital.


Dr Elizabeth Angier.


Latest Reviews.

By Christian Hanson on 11/26/2016 2:36:19 PM

Very interesting, informative and instructive.

By Dr Darren S Dowling on 11/25/2016 5:10:49 PM

I went into the session thinking that I was competent and confident at managing anaphylaxis. I left with a better understanding of the subject, and a new found respect for the role of the clinical immunologist.

By Dr H Mujakperuo on 11/24/2016 3:20:50 PM


By Dr T Mallik on 11/22/2016 4:39:45 PM

Very good presentation

By Ruwani Jayaweera on 11/18/2016 8:19:19 AM

very clear presentation with practical demonstration. thank you

By Katie Flint on 11/10/2016 8:43:19 AM

Excellent talk, clearly delivered and very engaging. Found the demonstration of the different devices very helpful

By Susanne Farwer on 11/8/2016 6:35:52 PM

Excellent presentation. Very relevant regardless of the speciality. I loved the practical demonstration and feel more comfortable prescribing the adrenaline injector and also more skilled in showing patients how to use it :) Great summary of the current guidance and good reminder of the importance of taking a thorough history.

By Dr Judith Dodds on 11/7/2016 5:32:06 PM

Very clear talk delivered by some-one who clearly knows the topic very well.

By Jozsef Toth on 11/7/2016 3:10:48 PM

Clear guidelines and useful tools were given to anticipate, diagnose and treat anaphylaxis in the emergency setting and gave insight to further diagnostics by the Allergy Clinic. Also provided hands on experience of usage of epinephrine pens and knowledge on indication for desensitisation. Thank you, only can recommend it.

By Dr Stefan Maz on 11/4/2016 5:32:27 PM

I appreciated the clarity of the presentation and the common-sense approach to a topic with many differential diagnoses.