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Leeds University CADSIM Programme

The Yorkshire School of Surgery has successfully delivered the Advanced Cadaveric Surgical Simulation Programme in collaboration with the Division of Anatomy in the University of Leeds Medical School since 2015. This programme is supported by Health Education England Yorkshire and Humber. The advanced procedural and dissection pan-specialty courses utilise Thiel-embalmed cadavers which retain flexibility, good tissue quality, minimal odour, less deterioration compared to fresh frozen cadavers and authentic colour facilitating more realistic, “life-like", simulation.

The facilities are licensed by the HTA, enabling some of our expert surgeons to deliver training in a unique wet lab environment.

Facilities and Equipment

The ongoing support of HEE(Y&H) has allowed an extensive range of equipment to be procured to facilitate CADSIM courses. The labs, which occupy approximately 270m2 of the Medical School, are equipped with 8 operating tables, extensive surgical instrumentation to support both open and laparoscopic approaches, fixed ceiling and portable operating lights, 8 portable suction units, 4 electrosurgical units and 6 laparoscopic stack systems. Wired and wireless access to the University computer network are available throughout the facilities, and teaching rooms can be booked for registration, lecture delivery and discussion purposes. A large multi-screen “power wall”, several interactive whiteboards and other a.v. facilities are available in the labs for additional teaching and screening instructional videos.

The CADSIM programme benefits from the altruistic bequests of body donors to the Leeds School of Medicine. All embalming processes are conducted on-site by highly experienced technical staff who are also on-hand to provide support as required during each course.

CADSIM Courses on
Jo Johnson
Surgical Training Programme Manager
Division of Anatomy | Leeds Institute of Medical Education | School of Medicine
Room 9.05, Worsley Building | University of Leeds | Leeds LS2 9JT
t: 0113 343 4344

Non-CADSIM Courses
Mrs Sarah Wilson
Anatomy Facilities Manager
University of Leeds
Tel: 0113 34 34297

CADSIM Course Calendar

CADSIM Programme 2020-21


Month Date Specialty Course Lead No. of Places
March 2020 13th March  Urology BPH Mr Oliver Kayes  
March 2020 27th March Urology Laparoscopic Nephrectomy Miss Beverly Wilkinson 8

April 2020

15th & 16th April General Surgery   Mr Athur Harikrishnan  
April 2020 17th April Plastics   Mr Robert Bains  

June 2020

15th & 16th  June General Surgery   Mr Athur Harikrishnan  
July 2020 7th July HPB course   Mr Ahmed Al-Mukhtar  
July 2020 21st & 22nd July Abdominal wall   Mr Praminthra Chitsabesan  
September 2020 2nd September HPB Liver Surgery Mr VJ  


For further information please contact

Jo Johnson 0113 343 4344