This page details plans for the ARCP panels for Radiology West trainees.

Please note that the annual ARCPs will be held on Mondays during September, not Thursdays.

In addition to the panels detailed below, Dr Hyland may need to organise ad hoc panels during the year as and when trainee needs require this. Trainees affected will be notified of any such panel as soon as is practical.

If you have any queries about the ARCP process or when your next ARCP should take place, contact Dr Hyland or Dr Exley in the first instance. We recommend you also discuss your Kaizen portfolio and evidence of training progression with your Educational Supervisor on a regular basis and especially in good time for your ARCP. Any trainees needing support or advice about Kaizen should first visit the College website or contact the College.

Trainees will be asked to complete a Form R(B) in advance of their ARCP. Details on how to complete a Form R(B) can be found on our revalidaton page and should be submitted to the School mailbox, as well as added to your portfolio.

Summer panels - September 2019

Unless advised otherwise, all ARCP panels will take place at the Radiology Academy, Leeds General Infirmary. 

Further to previous information, the main annual ARCP panels will be held on  9, 12 and 16 September 2019. All trainees are asked to note these dates in their diary and, as in previous years, the Radiology Academy administrators will confirm which date your ARCP will take place.

The usual pre-ARCP document check for the September panels will be in late August - the date will be confirmed in due course and in good time for trainees to complete any outstanding actions. So trainees are recommended to work towards ensuring that all their ARCP preparations are completed by mid-August where possible. Additionally trainees should ensure their Form R(B) is added to their portfolio and emailed to the School of Radiology mailbox by Monday 26 August.


CCT Panel - 13 June 2019 (NEW DATE)

In addition to the annual panels in September, a short panel is scheduled for Thursday 13 June 2019 primarily for trainees due to CCT at the end of the Spring/Summer rotation. Trainees listed for this panel will be formally contacted before Easter with details. Please note that any trainees attending this panel should aim to get portfolios completed and submit their Form R(B) by Monday 27th May.

Trainees should note this is a revised date, moved from Mon 10th June, due to panel member availability.