COVID-19 Urgent Dental Care Education


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NHS England Coronavirus Dental Practice Guidance

NHS England Guidance for Transition to Recovery and UDC Standard Operating Procedures can be found here

*These documents have been updated 18.06.2020*


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4th June Webinar - Resumption of Dental Care - Yorkshire and Humber

Access to 4th June Webinar via ProDental CPD (Verified CPD available)

Health Education England Yorkshire and Humber webinar on 4th June 2020 regarding preparation for the resumption of dental care.

Provided by James Spencer, SImon Hearnshaw and Imran Suida. Also featuring Sara Hurley (Chief Dental Officer, England).

PDF copy of 4th June 2020 webinar slides 

PowerPoint Show of 4th June 2020 webinar slides

Powerpoint show and PDF of slides from Webinar from 4th June on resuming Dental Care.

On PowerPoint show, once loaded right click and use 'presenter view' to view presentation script/notes



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Management of COVID-19 in Dental Practice Yorkshire and Humber

A Tale of two practices

*Important for all dental practices to read*

The first document summarises the process to follow if a member of staff has to isolate with symptoms and/or tests positive for COVID-19. *updated 30.07.2020*

The second document is a case study of two dental practices within the region where members of staff have contracted COVID-19 in the week leading upto this documents publish date.

This document highlights the need for all dental practice staff to maintain social distancing at all times, as far as is reasonably possible, practise frequent hand washing and decontaminate frequently touched areas.


Y&H Dentistry - Implementing a risk assessment for staff - COVID-19

Y&H Dentistry - Example staff risk assessment tool - COVID-19

COVID-19 workforce risk assessment tool - Wales

These documents include a summary of the guidance regarding implementing risk assessments for your staff who may be at increased risk in relation to COVID-19. 

There are two example tools to use for this. The Welsh tool is especially useful to apply in the current context within Dentistry as it has an easy to follow scoring system.

YH COVID-19 Dental Pathway Supporting Document v9

Supporting document developed to aid with all aspects of delivering urgent dental care in Yorkshire and Humber

*Updates to multiple sections, including PPE, ventilation, BES guidance & decontamination*

Summary of Managing Legionella in Dental Practice COVID-19 V3 This document summarises the recent guidance on managing the risk of Legionella in dental practices during the COVID-19 outbreak 28.05.2020

Finding a fit tester or sourcing training to become one V8_040920


Information for trained fit testers on organising qualitative fit testing sessions for respirators V11_040920


Important information for participants attending qualitative fit testing sessions V11_040920

Fit testing for respirators

All documents about fit testing have had MAJOR UPDATES in line with the new NHS Transition to Recovery and UDC Standard Operating Procedures, to include reference to disposable FFP3/FFP2/N95 and reusable half masks with replaceable P3 particle filters.  Please see links for latest versions, and PLEASE READ DOCUMENTS IN FULL.


If you are trying to organise fit testing for your dental team, please read:

  • Finding a fit tester or sourcing training to become one

If you plan to deliver fit testing sessions, please read:

  • Information for trained fit testers on organising qualitative fit testing sessions for respirators

If you are delivering/attending a fit testing session, or would like to find out more about respirators  (including new information on valved/unvalved respirators, and choosing a respirator), please read:

  • Important information for participants attending qualitative fit testing sessions  
The Health and Safety Executive has issued a safety alert about KN95 masks

The warning states  that KN95 must not be used as PPE at work as their effectiveness cannot be assured. KN95 is a performance rating under the Chinese standard GB2626:2006, the requirements of which are broadly the same as the European standard BSEN149:2001+A1:2009 for FFP2 facemasks.

Dental Practice Setup and Infection Control in Y&H v7

Guide to setting up a UDC during the COVID-19 outbreak, including practice setup, patient flow and infection control

Key updates in almost every area *Please read*


PPE Y&H document V5

Summary of PHE guidance regarding PPE, donning and doffing, and Aerosol Generating Procedures

Key updates in areas including PPE for dental care, valved/unvalved respirators and reusable respirators

DXPS and PHE Radiation Protection Memorandum

Guidance  from Public Health England Dental X-Ray Protection Services (DXPS) on arrangements for intraoral radiographs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Further information on the RPA service provided by DXPS and PHE can be found here

Joint letter of advice regarding prescribing antibiotics for urgent dental care during sustained transmission of COVID-19 Joint letter from FGDP, RCS and PHE regarding antibiotic prescriptions in dental settings during the COVID-19 outbreak 29.04.2020

Link to video of patient flow here.

This video guides UDC practices in how to set up their facility to become a UDC. 24.04.2020