Information for FLP Alumni

Find out more about past and upcoming Alumni networking events here.


Keeping in touch as Alumni

If you are an alumni of the Future Leaders Programme and would like to stay in touch and keep up to date, you can register at  the following link:

This way you can recieve emails and be added to an Alumni WhatsApp group.

We have also created an informal Facebook group for current Fellows and Alumni to share events and information. Please click here to join. Please note this is a closed group and hence validation is required - check your "Other" messages. 

Enhanced Alumni Offer

We are currently piloting a new scheme to support current Fellows in their ongoing clinical work. For more information please click here.

Fellows' Profiles

To view details of Fellows who completed their Fellowship in August 2019 please click here.

To view details of Fellows who completed their Fellowship in February 2018 please click here.

To view 2016/17 Fellows please click here.

Fellows' Achievements

We are keen to celebrate the achievements of Fellows who have completed the Future Leaders Programme and hence have created a new section to allow these to be shared.

You can view these through

Please e-mail if you have any achievement to share.

FLP Celebration and Awards

Our first FLP Celebration and Awards Evening was held on 12th January 2018 at the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield.

Here are the links for:

Past FLP Events

Our last event was held on 21st March 2019 at the Showroom Cinema, Sheffield.

This was an evening session for current and alumni Fellows. We heard from 3 Alumni speakers who told us what they have done since completing the fellowship, challenges they have encountered and how they have overcome these:

  • Dr Dafydd Hammond-Jones
  • Dr Pnt Laloe
  • Dr Katie Wallace


Another event was "Lessons from the Porter Seminar" by Chantelle and James Tomlinson, held on 14th June 2018 in Sheffield. This event was attended by current, new and alumni leadership Fellows.


Upcoming FLP Events