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An educational supervisor is a named trainer who is appointed by the provider to be responsible for the overall supervision and management of a specified trainee’s educational progress during a training placement or series of placements. An educational supervisor may be responsible for several trainees.

Educational supervisors should:

  • Be adequately prepared for the role and understand educational theory and practical educational techniques
  • Be trained to offer educational supervision and undertake appraisal and feedback
  • Undertake training in competence assessment, appropriate for the level of trainee
  • Be trained in equality and diversity
  • Provide regular appraisal opportunities (a minimum of two per annum)
  • Develop a learning agreement and educational objectives with the trainee which is mutually agreed and is the point of reference for future appraisal
  • Be responsible for ensuring that trainees maintain and develop their portfolio and participate in the assessment process
  • Provide regular feedback to trainees on their progress
  • Ensure that reports are completed within the necessary timescales
  • Contact the employer and the Postgraduate Dental Dean should the level of performance of a trainee give rise for concern
  • Be able to advise the trainee about access to career management
  • Be responsible for their educational role to the TPD

A Reference Guide for Postgraduate Dental Core and Specialty Training in the UK (The Dental Gold Guide, 2021)


Becoming an Educational Supervisor

Please click here, for further details on how to become an DFT Educational Supervisor

Mandatory Training and Additional Training Opportunities

Please review the Educator Development Framework for details of both mandatory and additional training opportunities. 

NHSE YH Training Policies

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Educator Development Framework Feedback

We try our best to include a range of courses that apply to all streams of Dentistry and our Educational Supervisors are constantly looking for new courses to further develop their skills. For any suggestions to improve our current Educator Development Framework, use the form below to submit. 

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