Training Programme Support Team

Health Education England Programme Support Team

Associate Dean: Sarah Jordan

Programme Support Manager: Leanne Sorby
Programme Support Coordinator: Shabana Farooq


ARCP and Curriculum Delivery:

  • Organisation of ARCPs and Appeals
  • Evaluation of ARCP outcomes and compliance with operational guidance
  • Organisation of School events, conferences
  • Knowledge of 'Technology Enhanced Learning' platforms
  • Curriculum Delivery Budget management
  • Curriculum Delivery Non-trainee claims/invoicing



GP Professional Support:

  • Remedial courses/resources
  • Monitoring long-term sickness
  • Performance management
  • Neurodiversity
  • Differential Attainment Programme
  • International Graduate mentoring
  • International Graduate Induction & Study days
  • Enhanced Trainer Grants
  • Signpost to HEE resources
  • TERs Applications



GP Placements and Training Pathways:

  • Rotation management
  • Evaluation of Code of Practice compliance
  • ePortfolio placement management
  • Recruitment vacancy collation
  • Support future workforce/post planning
  • Out of Programme applications
  • Inter & Intra Deanery Transfers
  • Supernumerary requests
  • Validation of salary returns
  • Trainer Grant calculations




GP Exam Support

  • Enhanced AKT Courses
  • Enhanced RCA Courses
  • RCA Support
  • AKT Support



GP Form R’s:

  • Completion of Form R’s Part A


GP Retention Scheme


GP I & R Scheme



  • LTFT applications


Training Programme Directors


Scheme Forename Surname Email
Harrogate Matt Blackamore matt.blackamore@hee.nhs.uk
Harrogate Laura Longstaff laura.longstaff@hee.nhs.uk
Harrogate Chris Walsh chris.walsh@hee.nhs.uk
Hull Robert Blackbourn  
Hull Helen Rhodes Helen.Rhodes@hee.nhs.uk
Hull Thirumagal Venugopal Thirumagal.Venugopal@hee.nhs.uk
Hull Louise  Brotherton Louise.Brotherton@hee.nhs.uk
Hull Emma Harkin Emma.Harkin@hee.nhs.uk
Northallerton Peter Green Peter.Green@hee.nhs.uk
Northallerton David Cole David.Cole@hee.nhs.uk
Northern Lincs Pratik Basu Pratik.Basu@hee.nhs.uk
Northern Lincs Helen Buckley Helen.Buckley@hee.nhs.uk
Northern Lincs Vacancy Vacancy  
Northern Lincs Kyle Hall Kyle.Hall@hee.nhs.uk
Northern Lincs Pav Tandon pavan.tandon@hee.nhs.uk
Northern Lincs Chinenye Ekpeh Chinenye.Ekpeh@hee.nhs.uk
Northern Lincs      
Scarborough Lynda Carter Lynda.Carter@hee.nhs.uk
Scarborough Carolien Lino Carolien.Lino@hee.nhs.uk
Scarborough David Pearson David.Pearson@hee.nhs.uk
York Nicola Gill Nicola.Gill@hee.nhs.uk
York Paula Evans paula.evans@hee.nhs.uk
York Clare McLure Clare.McLure@hee.nhs.uk
York Chris Hirst chris.hirst@hee.nhs.uk
Local Scheme Administration Contacts
Scheme Role Forename Surname Contact Email
Harrogate Scheme Co-ordinator Alex Quigley gpscheme.harrogate@hee.nhs.uk
Hull Scheme Co-ordinator Sarah Bagley gpscheme.hull@hee.nhs.uk
NLAG Scheme Co-ordinator     gpscheme.northernlincolnshire@hee.nhs.uk
Northallerton Scheme Co-ordinator Wendy Buch gpscheme.northallerton@hee.nhs.uk
Scarborough Scheme Co-ordinator Abbie Appleby gpscheme.scarborough@hee.nhs.uk
York Scheme Co-ordinator Maisie Wood gpscheme.york@hee.nhs.uk