New and Intending GP Trainer Approval

New and Intending GP Trainer Approval.

Are you interested in becoming a Trainer?

The benefits of becoming a Trainer/Training Practice:

For the Trainer:

  • The satisfaction of helping GP trainees develop
  • Excellent peer support from local trainers’ groups and networks
  • The opportunity to develop as an educator

For the Practice: 

  • Contacts and networking with other doctors and practices training
  • Good balance of practice activities – educational and clinical recruitment of former trainees

In order to become a GP Trainer the following steps must be completed:

  •       TPD Informal visit to secure funding for PG certificate in Medical Education
  •       Completion of PG Certificate Medical Education
  •       HEYH Practice Visit
  •       TPD agreed PDP with trainer specific SMART objectives must be completed           (based on individual learning needs to complete trainer approval criteria)
  •       Mentoring
  •       Trainer Workshop Attendance
  •       Half Day Release
  •       Completion of the GP Trainer Approval app
  •       Face to Face Interview
  •       Registration with GMC via Quality Team Administration

GPs that are interested in becoming a GP Trainer should in the first instance contact their local GP Specialty Training Programme Directors (TPD) and express their intention to start the process of becoming a Trainer and also contact the GP Trainer Quality Assurance team for information on how to complete their application.

Detailed information on the role of a GP Trainer and the training curriculum can be found on the RCGP website. 

Notice to all Intending GP Trainers

Important information regarding timelines.

To ensure sufficient time is given for all involved with approving new GP trainers and to ensure that the Training schemes are given adequate notice of new trainers on their scheme it is imperative that prospective Trainers are aware of the deadlines for submitting and informing the approval team of their intention to be interviewed to become a GP Trainer.

Those Intending GP trainers wishing to start training in August must complete the GP Trainer Approval app by 1st February prior to the intending August start date. 

Those Intending GP trainers wishing to start training in February must complete the GP Trainer Approval app by 1st August prior to the intending February start date. 

All non-training practices must be visited prior to interview

If you have any further questions on the approval process please contact the GP Trainer Quality Assurance team.

GP Trainer Quality Team

Sarah Walker 
Quality Manager
Based in Hull
01482 421196

Sarah Rowson 
Quality Manager

Based in Leeds
0113 887 1693

Michele Hannon
Quality Administrator
Based in Hull
01482 421178