Out of Hours

There have been changes to the Out of Hours requirements for GP Trainees. Please see documents below for guidance:

Mapping Urgent and Unscheduled Care

OOH Session Recording and Feedback Form

Urgent and Unscheduled Care Record

Evidence of UUSC Capabilities


Evidence of OOH Capability

The curriculum for UUSC is available on the RCGP website in the 'professional, life changes and clinical topics guide’ on page 47

There are five key capability areas

1. Knowing yourself and relating to others
2. Applying Clinical Knowledge and Skill
3. Managing complex and long-term care
4. Working well in organisations and systems of care
5. Caring for the whole person and the wider community

See Appendix 1 for mapping


You will see that the core Capabilities described on the ePortfolio have been grouped into one of the Capability areas.

The previous OOH Competencies have in effect been replaced by the need to show Capability in the context of the Urgent and Unscheduled Care Clinical Experience Group.

Whilst it is recognised that knowledge and skills needed to develop urgent and unscheduled care capabilities may be gained “in hours” and in varying secondary / community / urgent care services (such as duty doctor in the day dealing with urgent medical problems or unscheduled bookings at an extended access hub), there remain particular features more likely encountered in a primary care urgent care setting that require specific education focus. Thus, to gain experience of, for example, working in isolation and with relative lack of supporting service GP speciality trainees will need significant opportunities to develop these capabilities in Out of Hours Services / primary care based urgent / unscheduled care provider organisations.

So there should be a significant body of evidence for capability in UUSC provided from sessions in OOH and Primary Care based Urgent/ Unscheduled care to demonstrate Capability in the Urgent and Unscheduled Care Clinical Experience Group.
See UUSC learning outcomes Record

Additional evidence of capability may be provided from other settings as described below but a GPStR is unlikely to be rated as Capable in UUSC in the final ESR and be recommended for CCT at ARCP without a significant body of evidence for each capability being provided from sessions in the OOH and Primary Care based Urgent/Unscheduled care setting

It may be possible to demonstrate the OOH competences/capabilities in less than the one 4-6 hour session a month previously required but it may also be the case that the ES feels additional sessions are required if they assess their Educational Supervisee as needing further development in any particular competence(s). Such a requirement should be set out as part of the Action Plan from an ESR if there is judged to be insufficient evidence provided at the end of a review period. In any case the GPStR must meet their contractual requirements regarding OOH sessions with the educator assessment focusing on assessing their  Capability in the Urgent and Unscheduled Care Clinical Experience Group.