Courses and Study Leave Information


Please note this information applies to Sheffield GP trainees only.

The scheme's study leave policy and application form are available in the Downloads section below. Please read the policy carefully as it explains everything you need to know about study leave and when to apply for the various courses available.

You must submit a fully completed study leave form to the GPSTP office to book a place on a course. Incomplete study leave applications forms will not be processed.

Details of the courses mentioned in the GPSTP study leave policy can be found in the courses section of this website.  The dates of the courses can also be found on the GPSTP calendar. 

Dates of the local AKT and CSA preparation courses are on the GPSTP calendar.  Please note the Deanery will only fund local preparation courses, or courses in a neighbouring Deanery if a local course isn't available.  Please contact the GPSTP before booking a place on a preparation course to ensure funding can be given.

A copy of the schemes reimbursement claim form is available in the Downloads section below.

Please note all reimbursement forms must by typed.  They cannot be handwritten.  Please email your completed claim form to Sue Gumley 

Sheffield GPSTP Trainees:

Please read the Study Leave Guidance, Policy and Application Form document to find out at what stage of your training you should be arranging to attend the various courses available, and the type of course which will be funded. You are strongly advised to check with the GPSTP Office before booking a place on any course not specifically mentioned in the guidelines, or which falls into the category of 'Other Courses'.

For further details on any of the courses listed or to book yourself on the next available course, unless otherwise indicated, please contact Sue Gumley.

Telephone: 0114 2222092

Email :

Travel and Subsistence
  • Will be paid at NHS rates, all claims must be accompanied by relevant receipts
  • For activities of 5-10 hours duration, meals are reimbursed up to a maximum of £5.00
  • For activities of over 10 hours duration, meals are reimbursed up to a maximum of £15.00
  • Overnight accommodation is reimbursed up to a maximum of £55.00. Accommodation costs can only be claimed for courses outside the Deanery where travel to and from the venue isn't possible in one day.
  • Travel by rail is reimbursed at the 2nd class fare rate. Tickets must be booked well in advance to obtain the best price fare. If tickets are purchased near to the date of travel and these are more expensive, the full ticket price may not be reimbursed. Tickets must be sent in with your claim form.
  • Travel by private car is reimbursed at 24p per mile. An additional 5p per mile can be reimbursed for colleagues attending the same event who are traveling in your car as a passenger.
  • Please note claims for newspapers, alcoholic drinks, telephone calls and other personal expenditure will not be reimbursed and are the responsibility of the individual.
Cancellation Charges

You must notify the GPSTP office immediately if you are no longer able to attend a Scheme-organised course. Cancellation charges may apply as follows.

  • Cancellation 21+ days before the event full refund available
  • Cancellation 15-20 days before the event 50% attendance fee applies
  • Cancellation 0-14 days before the event 100% attendance fee applies

The office will try to reallocate your place. If your place cannot be reallocated you will need to pay the cancellation fees incurred.

If you cancel your place on an externally-run course and incur cancellation fees, the Scheme is unable to refund these charges.