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Trainee Courses and Events

The SuppoRTT Team organises a variety of courses to support trainees with their return to work and the clinical environment.

Our course catalogue, which can be found below, provides specific information about each course that we run and how they will be of benefit to you, as well as a course calendar of the courses coming up in the next few months. Our SuppoRTT Newsletter provides other useful information about the programme, recent updates and also lists the upcoming courses.

A full calendar of SuppoRTT courses can be found at the bottom of this page, complete with links to Maxcourse for easy booking.

Course Catalogue

Upcoming course dates & booking

SuppoRTT courses are booked using the LSFD Maxcourse site. To find dates for upcoming SuppoRTT courses, please use the course calendar or course list on Maxcourse. Links to the course calendar and course list are on the homepage and sidebar. A search tool is also available in the sidebar and homepage. Before booking any SuppoRTT courses, please add 'SuppoRTT Trainee' to your Professions in your Maxcourse account details. For help updating your account details, please see LSFD Maxcourse help.

Course calendar

To improve the results when viewing the course calendar, use the subject filter to show only SuppoRTT courses.

Course list

To improve the results when viewing the course list, use the subject filter to show only SuppoRTT courses. Also use the date range filter to show the desired period.

Expenses when attending face-to-face courses

Travel and subsistence (if applicable) expenses for attending face-to-face SuppoRTT courses can be claimed via study leave. In order to claim a study leave application must be submitted on ALM and approved before the event. When submitting your application on ALM, please select ‘Study’ as the leave type and ‘NHSE SuppoRTT Course’ from the event list. Please see the Study Leave pages for more information about the process.

SuppoRTT CPD Funding

There may be some instances where a training need is identified that cannot be addressed by our provision. Where this is the case, trainees may be able to apply for CPD funding. 

CPD funding is available to all trainees who have been absent from clinical training for three months or more. Examples of activities that the funding can be used for include, but are not limited to:

  • Bootcamps
  • Speciality Specific Training Days
  • Mixed Speciality Courses
  • Conferences

Funding must be applied for in advance and is only available for courses or events that are taking place within six months of the Trainee's planned return to practice, or three months after their return. In exceptional circumstances, for example, OOPRs who have been out of training for 3-4 years, if the course/activity does not fall between these periods then approval by the SuppoRTT Associate Deans will be required.

Trainees wishing to apply for SuppoRTT CPD funding should read our funding guidance in full before making any application. Funding requests will only be approved if they comply with the policy. 

Trainees can apply for CPD funding using our online application form. Please see Study Leave Expense Allowances for details on what expenses can be claimed.