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Child Protection Recognition and response (CPRR)

STEPP Course


RCPCH Annual Conference


Research skills (ST3) 

Evidence based medicine (ST3) 

Interpersonal effectiveness (ST3)

Yorkshire and Humber Neonatal ODN Study Days


STEPP course:

The STEPP teachin is a regular day release for all level 1 trainees in paediatrics which has been mapped to the new college curriculum. It will teach essential skills complementing clinical learning in individual trusts and will also support MRCPCH exams preparation. There is a regional agreement with trusts in place that enable all trainees to attend this on a regular basis. More information can be found here.

MRCPCH Exams Support

Membership of the RCPCH is achieved by passing a series of MRCPCH exams. These are usually taken during the period of basic specialist training (which normally lasts two to three years). They are the normal entry requirement for Core Specialist Training in Paediatrics.  

The MRCPCH comprises:

  1. Foundation of Practice (FOP) - theory exam
  2. Theory and Science (TAS) - theory exam
  3. Applied Knowledge in Practice (AKP) - theory exam
  4. MRCPCH Clinical exam

Candidates take the three theory exams on a computer at a test centre. They can be taken in any order and are non-sequential. There are usually three sittings of each per year. Candidates must pass the three theory examinations before they can sit the MRCPCH Clinical examination. 

In general it is expected that all trainees entering ST3 will have passed at least two of the three theory exams. We expect trainees entering ST4 (level 2) to have completed and passed all parts of the MRCPCH, including the clinical examination.

The Yorkshire School of Paediatrics offers structured Exam courses that are focussed on helping trainees approach both theory and clinical exams with confidence. The TPD lead for Exam support is Chakra Vasudevan - Chakrapani.Vasudevan@bthft.nhs.uk

The theory exam courses will be offered as part of the STEPP programme and trainees will be allocated to these courses depending on their stage in training and exam progress. The contact person for these courses is Vicky Williamson - Vicky.Williamson@bthft.nhs.uk

The clinical exam courses are offered to trainees from ST2 level and these are organised at various locations across the region. The course information (venue / date) will be advertised on this page and information will be sent to all trainees. The key contact persons Vicky.Williamson@bthft.nhs.uk (Bradford - West), Janine.Peck@hey.nhs.uk

Useful resources 

1. Clinical examination videos - These are videos developed by the School of Paediatrics using expert examiners to learn how to examine different systems focussing on exam techniques. All ST1-8 trainees will be able to access this (secure username/password required) at https://heeclinicallearning.org

2. Guide for new comers exams- https://www.rcpch.ac.uk/system/files/protected/page/MRCPCH.%20Assessment...