Leadership Fellow - Climate Change and Anaesthesia


Post reference: FLP 2022 / Bid 02

Host organisation: HEE Yorkshire and the Humber School of Anaesthesia andIntensive Care medicine

Post location: Across HEE YH. Office space, if needed will be provided atAiredale Hospital but alternative arrangements could bemade if this is geographically unsuitable for the successfulapplicant

Potential Applicants: 

  • Medical Specialty Trainees (ST3+)
  • Specialty and Associate Specialist (SAS) Doctors

Number of Posts: 1

Post start date: August 2022

This is an exciting opportunity to get to the heart of making anaesthetic practice in Yorkshire and Humber more environmentally friendly. As we transition to a low carbon world, Anaesthetists have a role to play both as users of halogenated hydrocarbons but also as a specialty with a strong history of leading by example. The Leadership Fellow - Climate Change and Anaesthesia will coordinate change across the region through collecting baseline data, designing and delivering an education and change management programme and demonstrating improvement. As the second climate change and anaesthesia fellow, there will be opportunity to build on the work of the first fellow but also initiate programmes of your own. The educational supervisor has an MSc in strategic leadership towards sustainability and is a climate change lead at West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health Care Partnership as well as being very active nationally via the Association of Anaesthetists. There will be opportunity to see the wider healthcare climate change challenges and to contribute at all levels to current thinking as well as completing a post-graduate qualification if desired.

Interview date: 13/12/2021

Application contact: frank.swinton@nhs.net

Closing date: 06/12/2021

For application instructions and to download an Application Form, please see the vacancies section on the Future Leaders recruitment website.