Leadership Fellow - Improving Workforce Retention


Post reference: FLP 2022 / Bid 09

Host organisation: Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Post location: Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Potential Applicants: 

  • Medical Specialty Trainees(ST3+)
  • Specialty and Associate Specialist (SAS) Doctors
  • Dental Specialty Trainees (StR)
  • Public Health Registrars (ST3+)
  • Nurses / Midwives
  • Pharmacists / PharmacyTechnicians
  • Healthcare Scientists
  • Allied Health Professionals

Number of Posts: 1

Post start date: August 2022

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is a large organisation with a constant requirement for workforce recruitment as new services develop and seniors retire. The longer term solution to the workforce crisis is likely to involve a mixture of more medical staff, more and new roles such as ACPs and physicians associates, and different ways of working that reduce our reliance on medical staff. However, these will take time to evolve. In the meantime,we need to look at reasons why healthcare staff choose to leave their jobs. Some retire, others move on to different jobs. In both cases there may be opportunities to influence their decision and entice them to remain in role. The aim of this project is to understand why healthcare professionals choose to leave the NHS and explore options to encourage them to stay.

Interview date: 13/12/2021

Application contact: a.cracknell@nhs.net


For application instructions and to download an Application Form, please see the vacancies section on the Future Leaders recruitment website.