Leadership Fellow - Safety and Equality HNY LMS

Post reference: FLP 2023 / Bid 24

Host organisation: Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Post location: Hull

Potential Applicants: 

  • Medical Specialty Trainees (ST3+)
  • Nurses / Midwives

Number of Posts: 1

Post start date: August 2023

Hull University Teaching Hospitals (HUTH) will host this future leader post for HNY LMS. The post aims to give the leadership fellow an opportunity to develop leadership competencies, values and behaviours by developing projects based on the Perinatal Quality Surveillance (PQS)model & implementing recommendations from Patient Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) and Ockenden reviews. The Foundation Leader will be able to develop independent projects supporting collective learning from Perinatal Serious Incidents, HSIB reports, Quality Indicators and Mortalities in the Humber & North Yorkshire Region covering 5 maternity and neonatal units. They will develop improved ways to disseminate integrated structured learning from these and develop quality improvement projects for improvements in key identified areas to prevent recurrence and improve outcomes, including the BAPM Magnificent 7 indicators.

Interview date:  13/12/2022

Application contact: a.manou@nhs.net


For application instructions and to download an Application Form, please see the vacancies section on the Future Leaders recruitment website.