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Congratulations on your appointment. We are pleased to welcome you to Yorkshire and the Humber. We hope you enjoy your time training with us.  Below you will find useful information and documents to assist in the transition to your new training programme.  Should you have any questions that are not answered in the topics below, please contact , please ensure to include the name of your speciality within the subject line of your email so that your email can be allocated to the correct team member.



Welcome Pack
What are the Form R Part A and Conditions of Joining A Specialty Training Programme documents?

Prior to starting your Training Programe you are required to complete a Form R Part A. This form ensures that we have your most accurate contact details as well as ensuring that you are registering for the correct training programme. 

The Conditions of Joining a Specialty Training Programme is your training contract with HEE, by signing it you agree to abide by the code of conduct and adhere to the polidies and procedures of your training programme.

Both documents must be completed and submitted to Programme Support , failure to do so will delay your full registration in the training programme and will prevent the issuing of your National Training Number. 

Why haven't I received my NTN?

NTNs (National Training Numbers) will be issued to new starters who have successfully submitted their completed Form R Part A and signed Conditions of Joining a Specialty Training Programme documents to Medicine Programme Support and have been in started in their training programme.

Please note, trainees do not require an NTN to register with the JRCPTB.

When will I know where my first placement will be?

You will be notified of your placements via a Code of Practice Placement Noticication email from Programme Support 12 weeks prior to the rotation start date. 

Who is my TPD?

Please refer to this list

How do I arrange for a Visa?

Trainees who require a Tier 2 visa should contact

I'd like to work Less than Fulltime

If you wish to work Less than Full Time (LTFT), you should contact the local LTFT team well in advance of the start of your training to ensure that the relevant paperwork is completed. Contact details for the Less than Fulltime Training teams can be found here.  Polices, procedures and the application forms for LTFT can be found here 

How do I arrange accommodation?

Please contact the Accomadations department at the Trust where you will be doing your placement. HEE is not provided with contact details for the various departments within each Trust. You can contact the relevant Trust switchboard and ask to be put through to the correct department. 

I need a reference letter for housing or to secure a mortgage, can HEE provide this?

HEE can provide you with a confirmation of your training letter, however as we are not your employer we can not comment on your salary or your employment contract. You will need to speak directly to your HR department to arrange for this type of letter.  You may also be able to use your Oriel offer letter as proof of appointment to a training programme, this is at the discretion of the lending company or housing/rental company. 

To request a training confirmation letter please contact Programme Support


What is my GMC Programme Approval Code?

You may be asked for the GMC Approved Programme Code for various applications, forms or to register with ePortfolio. To find the approved code for your programme please use the link below.