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The School of Surgery strives to maintain an easy and fluid channel of communication with its trainees – a number of routes are made available to trainees in order to facilitate contact with the School. Training Programme Directors and  HEE Programme Support staff can all be reached via this website.

All Specialist Training Committees within the Yorkshire School of Surgery invite representation from trainees by means of a trainee representative. Representatives' details are not always available through this site but can be found via Programme Support. It is understood that surgical education is a constantly evolving field and the school relies on trainees’ views and expressed needs in order to tailor its aims and objectives for curriculum delivery.

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All surgical trainees are allocated a clinical and educational supervisor at the start of each placement. View the roles of the Training Programme Directors.

At the initial meeting with an educational supervisor, an educational agreement is drawn up and electronically signed by both the trainee and their supervisor. This agreement states both the trainees and the trainer’s responsibilities with regards to training.

Overarching supervision is provided by each programme’s training programme director. Contact details for TPDs can be found in each programme’s section of the site. If trainees feel they are not receiving adequate training in their post should raise their concerns with their educational supervisor in the first instance. If concerns are not met, they should be raised with the TPD. The final contact for support is the Head of School.

ISCP & eLogbook

All trainees are expected to engage with the Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Programme (ISCP). In order to have a successful outcome at their Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP). Please note that a fee is payable to the Joint Committee on Surgical Training for access to the portfolio and work based assessments cannot be recorded if fees are in arrears.

Trainees should record their operative records via the eLogbook and link this to their ISCP portfolio so that their operative progress can be kept up-to-date and reviewed at ARCP.

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Policies and Documents

Policies and Documents.

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Curriculum Delivery

We have produced an updated guide to Curriculum Delivery in the Surgical specialties.  We hope this will assist in making the process clearer.