Assessment and Progress.

All trainees enrolled in a surgical programme in the UK are expected to undergo Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP). The requisite achievements and outcomes vary be specialty and it is the trainees responsibility to ensure that they are aware of these and make reasonable effort to achieve them. If you are unsure as to what is expected of you, or, you feel there are circumstances impeding you from doing so, you should contact either your Educational Supervisor or Training Programme Director.

Broadly, trainees will be expected to:

  1. Attain a requisite number of Work Based Assesments (CEX, DOPS, PBA, CBD)
  2. Have evidence of positive feedback from colleagues (MiniPAT/TAB)
  3. Engage in audit
  4. Attend 70%  (minimum) of teaching sessions
  5. Show evidence of academic endeavour (attend/present in conferences, publish in journals etc)
  6. Gain Surgical Experience consistent with specialty CCT requirements
  7. Present a good AES Report

This is neither an exhaustive nor an exclusive list – trainees should seek clarification about their programme requirements from their programme directors.