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Please note, if your query is about a visa application not listed below (e.g. spouse visas, EU settlement scheme etc) then please contact UKVI directly as the sponsorship team is unable to assist with any visa issues that are not related to tier 2 or skilled worker applications. 

New Visa Applications

Non-UK/non-EEA nationals who have been appointed to a Medical or Dental Training Programme in the UK are eligible to apply for Health Education England sponsorship.

Once you have received an offer of appointment, the HEE National Overseas Sponsorship Team will contact you on how to proceed. They will advise on how to complete the online application.

We, the Yorkshire and Humber Sponsorship team will also contact you in due course about documentation & information you need to submit to the Yorkshire & Humber Sponsorship team ahead of your training commencing.

Extensions to Existing Visas

You may need an extension to your visa if you require additional training time due to sick leave, maternity or remedial training, or if you change training programme. You must notify both the HEE Overseas Sponsorship Team and the Yorkshire & Humber Sponsorship Team of any changes to your training that may affect your training end date. (See 'Your Responsibilities' section of our website). 

Where you require an extension please email us at We will verify, on your behalf, that your training end date has changed and send a request to colleagues at the HEE Overseas Sponsorship Team. You will then be sent details of how to submit a sponsorship extension request.

You should submit your initial request for an extension approximately 4 months prior to the expiry date on your current visa.

Once your visa has been approved by the Home Office, please provide your share code to your employer, upload to your HEE Sponsorship portal account and share with us as the local Sponsorship team via email

Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

Postgraduate Doctors in Training on a Tier 2 visa can only hold a visa for a maximum of 6 years and after this point most are eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) within the UK. (This time limit no longer applies to Postgraduate Doctors in Training on a Skilled Worker visa from January 2021). As part of the ILR application process, the HEE Overseas Sponsorship team will issue a supporting letter to Postgraduate Doctors in Training.

Postgraduate Doctors in Training should contact the HEE Overseas Sponsorship Team to request this letter at and copy in the Yorkshire & Humber sponsorship team at so that we are aware an application is being made. Please note that the OST ask Postgraduate Doctors in Training to only submit their request 4 weeks before their ILR appointment is scheduled due to the timescale required by the Home Office on the ILR letter.  

Postgraduate Doctors inTraining will be asked to provide supporting information & documentation, which may include:

  • Date of birth
  • Full name as stated on passport
  • GMC
  • Specialty currently undertaking
  • Date started current post
  • Expected CCT date
  • Copies of your last three pay slips

One component of the HEE support letter is to confirm any periods of absence that were either unauthorised or may have been outside of the UK in the 5 years preceding the ILR application. HEE do not hold this information, as we are not the employer, and trainees will need to request this information from each of their employing Trusts. Queries regarding this should again be directed to the HEE Overseas Sponsorship Team.

Please keep us informed of the progress of your application at and, if your application is approved, please send a copy of your ILR (BRP or share code) once obtained to both the OST and us via email.