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Reporting Changes

During a Postgraduate Doctor/Dentist in Training’s sponsorship, NHS England is required to undertake certain duties on behalf of the Home Office in terms of keeping training records updated for audit purposes. Accordingly, a sponsored Postgraduate Doctor/Dentist in Training has a responsibility to notify both the National Overseas Sponsorship Team and the Yorkshire & Humber Sponsorship Team of relevant changes to their training or personal circumstances in a timely manner.

Newly sponsored Postgraduate Doctors/Dentists in Training

Postgraduate Doctor/Dentist in Training, employers and programme support teams must notify the NHS England Sponsorship Teams of any changes in circumstances such as;  

  • Home Office visa application has been refused
  • Withdraws/resigns from the training programme (post appointment)
  • Start date is/will be delayed (e.g. visa issues, missed flight to UK etc.)
  • If the Postgraduate Doctor/Dentist in Training does not enrol/ turn up for their first day of work as expected

All changes should be reported to the local team within five working days of the event occurring.  To report changes Postgraduate Doctors/Dentists in Training must access the online reporting form to notify the National Overseas Sponsorship Team. Where a start date is or will be delayed, please complete the delayed start form

Similarly, Trusts and other employers are required to report changes via the online reporting form

Current sponsored Postgraduate Doctors in Training

Postgraduate Doctors/Dentists in Training, employers and programme support teams must notify the NHS England Sponsorship Teams of any changes in circumstances such as; 

  • Any changes in your immigration status
  • has their training programme withdrawn (e.g. is dismissed)
  • withdraws/resigns from the training programme (post appointment)
  • completes the training programme earlier than expected
  • changes their sponsorship/immigration category
  • the length of their programme changes (e.g. extensions / remedial training required)
  • is deferring/taking leave from the programme (statutory/maternity leave only)
  • takes more than 10 consecutive days leave without permission OR misses x10 ‘expected contacts’**
  • any substantial period of statutory leave (i.e over 14 days such as long term sick or maternity/paternity). NB Annual leave and authorised study leave does not need to be reported.
  • any unpaid leave. (Please note, any Postgraduate Doctor/Dentist in Training, who is on a Tier 2 or Skilled Worker visa is only permitted to take 4 weeks unpaid leave per calendar year. This applies whether the Postgraduate Doctor/Dentist in Training is absent over a single period or more than one period over any calendar year from the 1st January to the 31st December. The 4 weeks is worked out according to the sponsored worker’s normal working pattern. For example, if the worker normally works 5 days per week, this would be 20 working days (5 (days) x 4 (weeks)). If they normally work 3 days per week, this would be 12 working days (3 (days) x 4 (weeks))).
  • Other (e.g. name change, visa application refused but later overturned via appeal, requests to work less than full time, a suspected breach of visa conditions or any other information relevant to sponsorship).
  • Applications for Inter Deanery Transfer, Less Than Full Time Training and Out of Programme
  • Contact details (including address) 

All changes should be reported to NHS England within five working days of the event occurring. 

As above, to report changes Postgraduate Doctors/Dentists in Training must access the online reporting form to notify the National Overseas Sponsorship Team.

Similarly,  Trusts and other employers must report changes via the submit details via the online reporting form 

** Expected contacts include any instance where the sponsored medical or dental postgraduate doctor in training is expected to attend a rotation, lecture, tutorial, seminar or scheduled meeting in relation to their Training Programme. If the sponsored doctor misses an expected contact due to covering service delivery needs, it should not be counted as a missed contact.