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When will I find out about my rotation?

Rotations are sent to Trusts and trainees three months prior to the rotation date. 

How do I apply for study leave?

The study leave application form, and guidance on study leave is available here.

How do I claim travel expenses?

Relocation and Excess Travel Policy.

Claiming expenses for Study Leave will vary but must be pre-approved.

See Study Leave section for further information. 


Who should I contact with a HR or personnel question?

You should contact the HR department at your employing trust. South trainees will have a lead employer that will remain the same throughout their training. East and West trainees will change their employer each time they rotate to a different trust.

How do I apply to work less than full time?

For more up to date information on Less Than Full Time Training see our LTFT Page here 

Less than full time training is available to trainees that meet the criteria outlined in the less than full time policy. To apply for less than full time training, a completed application form should be submitted to the relevant LTFT administrator. For further information, please visit the policies section. 

The Category 3 Pilot for Less Than Full Time applications is currently running  on a concurrent basis within the School of Paedatrics. There are now no specifics windows for this type of application and requests can subsequently be made at any time, in accordance with our 16 week notice requirement (our guidance can be found here). Please note that this allows trainees to train LTFT as a personal choice that meets their individual professional or lifestyle needs. Whilst that choice (and the reasons for it) are not subject to the judgement of anyone else it is dependent upon and might be limited by service considerations and placement availability. Please speak to your TPD in the first instance if you are thinking of applying for Category 3 LTFT. 


What is an OOP?

OOP stands for out of programme. It is possible for trainees to take time out of their obstetrics and gynaecology training to complete either research (OOPR), an experience e.g. Leadership Fellowship (OOPE) or to take a career break (OOPC). All information on applying for OOPs is available here

Who should I contact if I have an eportfolio query?

If you query involves updating information e.g. posts, supervisors on your eportfolio then please email . If your query is regarding your fees, your eportfolio access etc, please contact the RCOG. 

How do I resign?

You must resign to your employer. For East and West, your employer will be the hospital Trust you are currently working at. For South, please resign to your current Trust and to Sheffield Teaching Hospitals as lead employer. 
Please also send a copy of your resignation to your Training Programme Director and to

There is a survey for trainees that resign from the training programme. This is available to complete here

What is a Keeping In Touch day?

Trainees on maternity leave may attend up to 10 keeping in touch days without bringing their maternity leave to an end. This allows the trainee an opportunity to reintegrate themselves into work, prior to their full time return. The trainee will be paid their basic daily rate for the hours worked, less appropriate maternity leave payment, for those days. 
If you are interested in attending Keeping In Touch days, please speak to your Training Programme Director and to your employing Trust.

Who should I speak to if I need support?

There are a number of support mechanisms available within the School and within the HEE. You will have an Educational Supervisor, a College Tutor, a Training Programme Director and a Head of School. All contact information for these can be found here. They can all be contacted for advice and support within your training. 

If you are experiencing bullying or undermining, please contact , Workplace Behaviour Officer. 

There are Associate Postgraduate Deans (APDs) who can be contacted to offer advice and support outside of the specialty. APDs can be emailed directly or an appointment made via

Coaching is available.

Trainee can also access to Workplace Wellbeing or Take Time

How do I contact Workplace Health and Wellbeing or Take Time?

All of the information you require can be found on the Trainee Support section.