Yorkshire and Humber Trainee Forum

The influential voice for trainees:  Ensuring postgraduate doctors & dentists in training in the YH region are fairly, equitably and transparently represented.
We aim to drive improvements in quality of education and training, well-being and support.




Please find below in the documents section the Minutes for previous meetings.

Including Trainee Executive Forum and Trainee Wider Forum meeting Minutes. 

See the dates of upcoming meetings below


                                                MEETING DATE                                                           EXECUTIVE or WIDER FORUM          
September 12th 2023 Executive
October 11th 2023 Executive
November 15th 2023 Executive
November 22nd 2023 Wider 
December 13th 2023 Executive
January 10th 2024 Executive
February 14th 2024 Executive
February 21st 2024 Wider