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Yorkshire and Humber

Welcome to Internal Medicine Training (IMT) in Yorkshire and the Humber!

We think Yorkshire and the Humber is a fantastic place to start your medical training due to its fantastic mix of world leading hospitals, forward thinking training programme with years of experience of incorporating simulation, highly developed trainee engagement programme and the wonderful opportunities outside of work in both our major cities and beautiful countryside with the east coast on one side and pennines on the other! We strongly support less than full time training in the region and have a nationally leading approach towards this (under "How Your School Works" above). Our significant investment over the last few years in PACES preparation has meant we're the only region in England to have a continuous year on year improvement in our MRCP (UK) pass rate by the end of IMT2 since data collection started in 2013/14 (MRCPUK Data, November 2017)!

Yorkshire and the Humber is divided into three regions (North and East, South and West) and trainees are appointed to one region. To give as broad an experience as possible trainees generally spend one year in a teaching hospital and another in a nearby district general hospital.

Learning Opportunities

We provide both local and regional teaching with around sixty regional teaching days run every year. We fully fund both our acute simulated core medical emergencies (ASCME) simulation course and advanced procedural skills lab training as well as a full weekend of PACES revision and support trainees to get a full 5 days of study leave per year to prepare for exams. 

Trainee Engagement

Since 2016, we've employed a full time "Leadership Fellow" (often a medical registrar on an Out Of Programme year) to both engage with trainees and work with the TPDs to develop the programme.

Thinking of applying?

If you’re thinking of applying to IMT in Yorkshire and the Humber or want further information about either the local programme or training in Yorkshire and the Humber generally please look at the Recruitment and Retention sections above.

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