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Out of Programme Activities

Out of Programme Activities (OOPA) is an umbrella term that covers a variety of different activities:

  • Out of Programme Experience (OOPE): any out of programme activity that is not to be counted towards the trainee's CCT.
  • Out of Programme Research (OOPR): a period of research from which the trainee may receive partial credit towards their CCT.
  • Out of Programme Training (OOPT): a period of training undertaken outside the trainee's own training programme that is to be counted (whether partially or in its entirety) towards their CCT. OOPT includes a secondment to another training programme, a Fellowship post (whether in the UK or abroad) and "acting up" as a consultant that is undertaken outside of the trainee's training programme.  Trainees "acting up" at a location within their home training programme do not need to apply for approval.


Trainees are encouraged and supported to explore opportunities for out of program training that may enhance and supplement their training. This takes a lot of organisation and planning with a minimum notice period of six months required for an application to be processed. Further information on applying for OOP activities can be found here.


The JRCPTB has further information on OOP activities which can be found here. Deaneries authorise trainees to go out of the programme and the JRCPTB will endorse any credit that is being sought for this time out. 


Case Studies

Some examples of OOP activities done by trainees in the past can be found below:









Medical Training/Education 


Return to Training


Support for trainees to safely and confidentiality return to training following an extended break.

Most resources are primarily aimed at those who have been absent for a period of three months or more for whatever reason.