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Within the Yorkshire & the Humber region there are excellent opportunities for academic training. Each individual curriculum has its own opportunities available to all trainees, which can blend with quality Improvement and audit work. Bespoke opportunities can be built around short periods out of programme for specified project, and these are supported on an ad-hoc basis.

For those more committed to an academic training we offer a formal academic route, which culminates for some in appointment into senior clinician scientist roles. The preferred pathway is the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR). Academics are typically appointed first to an Academic Clinical Fellow (ACF) post for three years, blending clinical training an opportunity to study for a Diploma In Health Research, and 9-months dedicated to primary  research. This foundation work may lead on to a formal fellowship  application, and if successful three years out of programme culminating in PhD. Following on from this there are regular opportunities to apply for a clinical lecturer (CL) role, with 50% dedicated research time, and support to build your career to a formal academic appointment.

Academic posts are all subject to open adverts, and available to trainees on existing programmes, regardless of current location. The ACF Posts are generally also available to trainees entering the programme through national recruitment. There is a separate recruitment process, held locally through the local university.

All NIHR academic posts within the School of Pathology are supernumerary, so there is flexibility to plan the teaching and research aspect of the work flexibly around the requirements for clinical training and examinations. There is no absolute expectation to compete the pathway, and all academic trainees gain significant experience and benefit to their future careers.

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The Academic Training Programme Directors can be located as follows, and will be happy to offer advice or support:

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The Academic Programmes:


Histopathology, Leeds University
Medical Microbiology, Leeds University
Infectious Diseases & Microbiology, Sheffield University