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Dental Gold Guide.

The Dental Gold Guide (2018) is a reference guide for postgraduate dental specialty training in the UK. 

A brief summary, of some of the areas related to training, is available below.  


The Dental Gold Guide sets out the assessment process for trainees. Trainees will be subject to periodic reviews (an ARCP) to assess their progress with the training programme. These will normally take place annually. An ARCP outcome will be awarded. 


Trainees in specialty training, and post-CCST training, will receive one of the following outcomes:

Outcome 1: Achieving progress and the development of competences at the expected rate.

Outcome 2: Development of specific competences required – additional training time not required.

Outcome 3: Inadequate progress by the trainee – additional training time required.

Outcome 4: Released from training programme with or without specified competences.

Outcome 5: Incomplete evidence presented – additional training time may be required.

Outcome 6: Gained all required competences; will be recommended as having completed the training programme and for award of a CCST.

Outcome 8: Out of programme for research, approved clinical training or a career break (OOPR/OOPT/OOPC).


For more information on Appeals click here

Less Than Full Time Training

The Dental Gold Guide outlines guidance and eligibilty criteria for trainees to complete less than full time training (LTFTT). 

The policy on LTFT training is available here. 

Out of Programme

The Dental Gold Guide outlines guidance and eligibilty criteria for trainees to go out of programme (OOP) to:

  • undertake research (OOPR)
  • undertake clinical experience (OOPE)
  • undertake clinical training that counts towards the trainee's CCST (OOPT)
  • take a career break (OOPC)

HEE YH's policy on OOP is available here. 


The Dental Gold Guide sets out the principles for entry to specialty training

Applicants to specialty training to have completed a broad based training programme such as that undertaken during UK Foundation Training

Recruitment will be via open competition. Vacancies are advertised here

Roles and Responsibilities of a Specialty Registrar

The Dental Gold Guide sets out trainees' repsonsibilities, both as a trainee and an employee. Trainees are in a unique circumstance as they hold two contracts, a training contract with Health Education England and an employment contract with the Trust that they are employed by. 

Please familiarise yourself with your responsibilities and the relevant contact details for both HEE and your Trust.