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Acting Up

If you are interested in acting up then in the first instance you will need to contact your current Educational Supervisor and TPD to discuss the Educational merits of acting up.

Acting up is not a necessary part of the curricula and is not mandatory to complete higher training or get a Consultant post but it can be a useful tool to help consolidate skills in the final year of training.

If your TPD and Supervisor both feel the opportunity would be educationally supportive and will meet both the requirements set by the College and those outlined in the HEE acting up policy, the next step is to apply for approval: 

Please use the application form at the bottom of the page.

You will need to ensure parts A-D are all complete and then you can send the application in to the School support team for the Deans consideration:

Important points to note if you are considering acting up:

Following discussion at the September School Management Committee meeting (SMC), we would like to clarify the schools position on acting up to consultant level: The RCPsych QM committee has clarified that acting up is not continuous with CCT and, as such, this is the position that has been adopted by the SMC.  Whilst we will be happy to consider applications from higher doctors to act up we would be unlikely to support these in the final month of training prior to CCT. 

  • It is important to remain in contact with your Educational supervisor during the course of your acting up. The college still expect you to undertake weekly Educational supervision during your acting up so it is important to demonstrate this within your e-portfolio. 
  • Acting up will only be approved within the Yorkshire Training rotations (and must be within the specialty you are currently training in to count towards CCT unless there are exceptional training reasons. – These would need to be looked at on a case by case basis). 
  • As a final note we would be very grateful if you could provide as much notice as possible when making applications to act up. It can take some time to meet with your supervisors/TPDs/get approval from the Trust etc. and then you need to leave at least 2 weeks for the final consideration by the Dean. 

We do hope that you enjoy your period of acting up but should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your Educational supervisor, Training Programme Director or HEE admin staff as above.