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Yorkshire and Humber

Training Testimonials

"Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber provides unique working opportunities for Training, as well as having a well developed Clinical Leadership and Management Fellow programme. The location is fantastic, I have the beautiful Peak District on my back door step and the City of Sheffield out of the front. The Consultants and Trainees are very friendly, eager to work together and collaborate on many different projects. There are superb opportunities for clinical leadership, management and designing your own projects. There is an excellent teaching programme with a pass rate above the National average."
Dr Zead Said, Consultant Psychiatrist in South Yorkshire

"I feel so supported, well nurtured and am having the time of my life."
Dr Ogba Onwuchekwa, ST6 General Adult Psychiatry trainee in North and East Yorkshire

"I have enjoyed working with a friendly, supportive and clinically excellent team of consultants who attempt to get to know you as an individual and listen to your feedback."
Dr Sarah Jones, Consultant Psychiatrist in South Yorkshire, previous trainee in North and East Yorkshire

"I have been part of the HEYH Psychiatry scheme as a Foundation, Core and Higher Trainee.  It's been a wonderfully friendly, rewarding and engaging environment to train in.  I’ve enjoyed every stage."
-Dr Gaelle Slater, Consultant Psychiatrist in South Yorkshire and former General Adult Psychiatry trainee in South Yorkshire

"My less than full time (LTFT) experience is that I started my career in psychiatry with a young family to raise, working LTFT at 60% was the best decision I could have made. When I initially started training there weren’t many core trainees that were LTFT nor were support networks widely available. However, I was lucky to start my core training in a brilliant team that were supportive and I was able to gradually adjust to my clinical work load and getting to know the team in the days that I was there. There is a misconception that the LTFT trainee has it easy but managing admin time alongside your clinical case load, bonding with the team, and studying for membership exams is challenging. Psychiatry has encouraged and facilitated less than full time working for me. Training has taken me longer but I have gained invaluable experience, confidence in my role as a clinician and I’m enjoying the slower pace. Looking back I have had no regrets and has had a positive impact on my mental health and well being."
Dr. Elishba Chacko, ST4 General Adult Psychiatry Trainee in South Yorkshire