Approaching the End of Training

As you approach the end of training there are a few key things to remember in terms of completing training and leaving the training programme.

We have tried to ensure that the key things people contact us about are on the page below but, as ever, we are more than happy for you to get in touch with any queries and we will always do our best to help.

The email address to use is:

The chances are we will be in touch with you over the next few weeks and months anyway but just in case we do not get to speak to you in person we wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all your hard work over the years. We wish the very best in whatever you chose to do in the future and last but not least, congratulations for completing your training post!

Applying for CCT

Once you have received your ARCP outcome 6 the next step is to apply for CCT (Certificate of Completion of Training). It is important to remember that you need to apply for your CCT with both the College and the GMC.

Thankfully both organisations have tried to simplify the process by putting the applications ‘online’ but you do still need to do some preparation work to ensure you have all the information that you need.

The college application process is detailed on the link below:


(You can actually start to apply for CCT with the college up to 6 months before your CCT date but remember they will not be able to make their recommendation to the GMC until they have your outcome 6)

The College have put together some useful information based on frequently asked questions surrounding the CCT process which can be accessed below:


Please note that you need copies of all of your ARCP outcome forms to apply for CCT. If you are missing any from your time in Yorkshire please can you get in touch with us asap so we can help you get these:

The GMC application process can be accessed on the link below:


It is worth remembering that it can take some time to get the applications processed. Both the College and GMC work very hard to deal with the applications as quickly as they can do but there can be a slight delay during peak periods.

There are of course other routes to the register:

If you believe you need to apply for a CESR/CESR CP (certificate of eligibility for specialist registration through combined programme) instead of CCT then further information can be found below:

Period of Grace

Trainees are able to apply for Consultant posts up to six months before their anticipated CCT/CESR-CP date. Not all trainees are able to do this or are successful in their applications. The Period of Grace allows doctors who have completed their training to continue in the Specialty Registrar grade for a time limited period of time, whilst they find employment, usually in a consultant level post. The doctor is no longer considered to be in training, but is in post for the purposes of service. Once a trainee has accepted a Consultant post or Locum Consultant post, they must resign from their training programme with effect from either their CCT/CESR (CP) date or following the appropriate period of notice. In doing so the trainee’s National Training Number (NTN) is relinquished and the right to a Period of Grace is given up, there is no option to return to training after this.

Trainees are required to notify Health Education England within Yorkshire and the Humber of their intent to take up a Period of Grace a minimum of 6 months prior to the date of CCT/CESR(CP) using a Period of Grace Intent Form.  Trainees should have discussions with their TPD prior to the mid point of their final training year to support their decision as to whether or not a Period of Grace will be required. If the Period of Grace Intent form is not submitted by the required deadline, the TPD will not arrange for a Period of Grace for the trainee. It is not always possible to guarantee the availability of a post for a trainee to complete a Period of Grace. All posts are subject to availability within the training programme.

Once a Period of Grace Intent Form has been received within the programme, the TPD will work to accommodate the requests within available posts. Trainees will receive the offer of a Period of Grace no later than 14 weeks prior to the date of CCT/CESR(CP). The trainee will have two weeks in which to accept or decline the post. If the post is accepted by the trainee, they will be expected to work from the expected CCT/CESR(CP) date to the end of the agreed timeframe, normally 6 months. If the trainee opts to leave the Period of Grace early, they will be expected to work the agreed normal notice period of three months from CCT/CESR(CP). If the post is declined, the trainee will relinquish their NTN at the expected CCT/CESR(CP) date and will give up the right to a Period of Grace.

Please note:

  • In addition to completing the form please discuss your wish to take you period of grace with your training programme director. This is really important as they need to make sure they keep you on the rotation for the duration of the acting up.
  • We need to receive your application 6 months before your CCT date – this is to ensure we have it in time for validating the rotations.
  • If your plans change please let us know on in addition to informing your TPD.
  • If you leave your post before the end of your period of grace you will need to check whether your employing Trust need you to work a period of notice. Once your last working day is confirmed please just let us know.
Leavers Survey

As you approach the end of training we would be really grateful if you would be willing to share your thoughts on the programme as a whole.

If this is something that you are willing to consider then we can use your observations and reflections to help us improve our training programmes.

The link below will take you to our leavers survey page and, should you feel able to complete this, we would be very grateful for your input:

Link TBC

Of course you are always welcome to contact us or your TPDs with any comments as well.

CCT Date

Your Training Programme Director will confirm your CCT date at each ARCP. Hopefully you will have already received the CCT date calculator at your most recent ARCP but if you need this again or if anything has changed (i.e. you are working less than full time or you have taken time out of training) the calculator is available at the below link:

Once you have completed the form please can you send a copy in to us on: