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If you have been newly recruited to CT1 in Emergency Medicine- congratulations! We in the School of Emergency Medicine hope you will have a truly rewarding time with us. CT1 and CT2 training in emergency medicine are spent in Acute Care Common Stem training (ACCS).

It is expected that those in ACCS training (2 years) will gain the competencies relevant to emergency medicine (EM), anaesthesia, intensive care medicine (ICM) and acute medicine (AM). CT1 posts in EM are 6 months of emergency medicine and 6 months of acute medicine. The curriculum to which they are working can be found via the college website. It is essential that the FRCEM primary is completed by the end of ACCS.

A guide to training has been published by the college - see the "brief guide for new emergency medicine trainees".

Each trainee will be allocated an Educational Supervisor, and this person will remain the educational tutor for the whole of core training. The trainee will also have a Clinical Supervisor in each of the clinical placements. This can be the Educational Supervisor when working in the same department. The trainee’s progress is monitored by their Educational Supervisor with whom they should meet 3 times in every 6 months.

Attainment of the competencies mapped out in the new curriculum must be gained throughout the year. These are laid out in the new curriculum and you should be aware what is required from the outset.  You need to start work on these early in your post. Please liaise with you educational supervisor if you have any questions about this.

The ARCP requirements that are laid out in the new curriculum are mandatory - you will need to attain all of them to progress. If you are unable to do so, you must communicate this as soon as possible to your Educational Supervisor.

It is mandatory that the Educational Supervisor completes the structured training report at the end of each attachment and that these are available for the ARCP process in June. 

All EM trainees must register their training with the College and maintain an ePortfolio from the start.

ACCS CT1 Block Timetable 2018-2019



Please note each day is repeated 3 times in each block. Trainees only have to attend 1 day in each block.

To book or for further information dates and contact please go to


Certification will be circulated via email following the course.

Please ensure you:

  1. Sign-in upon arrival
  2. Complete the online feedback form

We reserve the right to refuse certification to any persons not adhering to these guidelines.

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