HEE: Y&H Contacts

In the FAQ below are how to contact the right person within the school of Emergency Medicine.

The Head of School

The current head of school is:

Jeremy Till  jeremy.till@hee.nhs.uk

Who should I contact for information about my programme?

Please contact the EMSupport via email emsupport.yh@hee.nhs.uk

The relevant staff members are listed below;

Programme Support Manager 

Caroline Siddle

Programme Support Coordinator

Leanne Sorby 

Programme Support Officer

Tara Hickey

Programme Support Administrator Eden Vause


Who should I contact about queries with my ACCS program?

Year 1 - 2  emsupport.yh@hee.nhs.uk

Year 3 - Acute Medicine medicine.yh@hee.nhs.uk 

Year 3 - Anaesthetics anaesthetics.yh@hee.nhs.uk

Year 3 - 6 Emergency Medicine emsupport.yh@hee.nhs.uk


How to I contact my Training Programme Director?

Please contact the relevant TPD via email

North/East Yorkshire

Emergency Medicine

CT/ST1 & CT/ST2  (ACCS) Simon Long  simon.long10@nhs.net

ST3 (DRE-EM)  & ST3 - 6 (HST) Paul.Stewart  Paul.Stewart14@nhs.net

Acute Medicine (East & South)         

CT1-CT2 ACCS medicine.yh@hee.nhs.uk


CT1-CT2 ACCS Jonathan Dilley  jonathan.dilley@york.nhs.uk

South Yorkshire

Emergency Medicine                       

CT/ST1 Joanne STONE joanne.stone1@nhs.net

CT/ST3 ACCS & DRE-EM  Elizabeth Docherty elizabethdocherty@nhs.net 

ST4-ST6 John Rayner  john.rayner1@nhs.net 


CT1-CT2 ACCS    Dr Phil Bonnett  p.bonnett@nhs.net

West Yorkshire

Emergency Medicine                       

CT/ST1-2  ACCS Andy Davies andrew1.davies@nhs.net

CT/ST3 ACCS & DRE-EM Sarah Higgins sarah.higgins7@nhs.net

ST4-ST6 Manou Sundararaj  Sundararaj.manou@nhs.net


CT1-CT2 - ST2 Sue Walwyn  s.walwyn@nhs.net



How can I contact one of the educational training leads?

Please contact the relevant Education Lead Clinician by email;

CT1-3 & Emergency Medicine Simulation

Andrew Blackmore andrew.blackmore@hey.nhs.uk


Arran Gaunt arrangaunt@nhs.net


Mohit Arora mohit.arora@nhs.net


How do I contact my EM college/specialty tutor?

North/East Yorkshire


Andrew Blackmore  Andrew.Blackmore@hey.nhs.uk


David Arundel    davidarundel@nhs.net


Suzanne Francis  Suzanne.Francis@YORK.NHS.UK


Ajay Chawla ajay.chawla@nhs.net


Victoria Holloway   Victoria.Holloway@hdft.nhs.uk


Joan Clancy  joan.clancy@york.nhs.uk

Ed Smith   Ed.Smith@York.nhs.uk

South Yorkshire


Mustafa Kendeel Mustafa.kendeel@nhs.net


Jane Acty janeacty@nhs.net

Laura Buxton  laura.buxton@nhs.net



Sheffield Children's Hospital       

Chris Fitzsimmons chris.fitzsimmons@nhs.net

Northern General, Sheffield      

John Griffiths john.griffiths5@nhs.net   

West Yorkshire


Dominic Hewitt Dominic.Hewitt@anhst.nhs.uk


Michaela Blood  Michaela.Blood@bthft.nhs.uk

Calderdale (Halifax & Huddersfield)       

Adris Razaq   Adris.Razaq@cht.nhs.uk

Leeds (LGI & SJUH)           

Charlotte Michael charlottemichael@nhs.net

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals

Andrew Matson andrew.matson1@nhs.net


How do I contact the team who administrates the educational courses in the school?

Please contact

Alice White  alice.white2@nhs.net

Alternatively please contact Fiona Spiers f.spiers@nhs.net 

Who is the Chair of the Regional College Board?

The current chair is Dr Manou Sundaararaj  Sundararaj.manou@nhs.net



Does the school of Emergency Medicine have a Facebook Group?

The school of Emergency Medicine has a facebook group, where communications about training courses, ARCP, and general news will be posted.

If you search for Yorkshire and Humber School of Medicine and provide your link to the school, if valid you will be approved to join.

Where can I find guidance regarding relocation/ excess travel claims / policy?