Workforce, training and education
Yorkshire and Humber

The purpose of assessment is firstly to assess whether trainees are developing the necessary skills and attributes to function safely as Emergency Clinicians. Trainees may encounter difficulties in developing the expertise as required and the aim of the school is to do all reasonably possible to help and support.

Our experience is that the large majority of trainees are able to progress in training as required. The further purpose of appraisal and assessment in this context is to encourage and support trainees in striving for excellence

Work Place Based Assessments

The system of appraisal is supported by a range of work place based assessment tools. These are designed to allow trainees to develop their clinical and professional skills by provision of structured constructive feedback. They are a mix of summative and formative assessments. The summative assessments must be passed to progress. Formative assessments are designed as a means of reflecting specific elements of practice that are especially good and areas for further work and reflection. They are primarily designed for trainees- and are to be used for their benefit. They can be seen as a 'tick box' exercise, but should not be so if used as designed. Assessment should begin at the outset of the post and feedback should reflect growing skills and confidence over time.