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Yorkshire and Humber

Trainee Wellbeing:

The School of Emergency Medicine in West Yorkshire is very progressive and focused ruthlessly on the wellbeing of its trainees. This is not just out of compassion, but also out of pragmatism. It was recognised that we must retain trainees in order to thrive as a specialty. Over the last few years it has prioritised retention of trainees, and recognises that as part of a long-term strategy, trainees have to be treated as people and given scope to take up opportunities that present themselves over their years of training. As part of that focus on trainee wellbeing, a key element is keeping lines of communication between trainees and the school open.

We have 2 current trainee representatives. Jemma White represents the core trainees, and is currently on maternity leave. Ian Bullock is the higher specialty trainee (HST) representative.

What does the role of an ACCS trainee representative entail?

The ACCS trainee representative acts as a liaison between the trainees and the program directors. They collect informal verbal feedback, and formal questionnaires and ensure the training program directors are aware of any issues and important positives that need acting upon. We act as the first port of call for any issues, concerns or questions that trainees may have. These involve personal issues (such as stress, helping direct questions regarding annual leave), training concerns, ARCP advice and advice with completing the eportfolio and CV’s. Where possible we try to help, however can also direct these concerns to the training directors. Through coordinating and setting up the mentor scheme: pairing CT1 trainees with CT2 trainees in the same parent specialty and hospital trust, the “facebook group” and email account we try to ensure trainees are supported both at work, academically and personally and understand where to get help and support should they need it.

If you have any questions regarding ACCS training then please contact me via email

Jemma White

What does the role of a HST trainee representative entail?

I sit on the Specialist Trainee Committee, and am regularly in contact with the HST Training Programme Directors, the educational lead for higher specialty trainees (Andy Webster), and the college tutors in the various hospitals as necessary. I also send out regular surveys of the HSTs, and then badger them into completing them. I am (annoyingly) active on the social media groups for the HSTs in region, to try to keep my finger on the pulse of people’s opinions and concerns. I act as a bridge, putting the trainees’ point of views to the school, and feeding the school’s point of view back to the trainees. I have found it a rewarding role as I feel I have been able to help pull the specialty together as a family regionally at HST level, and always found the school very receptive of trainee concerns, and quick to respond, taking on board constructive solutions.

If you have any questions regarding HST training then please contact me via email.

Ian Bullock